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Friday, October 5, 2012

A Full Weekend Ahead!

One thing about working in retail for 18+ years you quickly realize is that you cherish your weekends off, since they don't come very often.  There are benefits to having days off during the week:  easy to get appointments, eat out w/out a huge crowd, and time to myself.  But, having 2 days off in a row, and having off Saturday and Sunday are a welcome relief.  I find myself usually staying home and puttering, or visiting friends or family that I usually don't get to see very often because of my work schedule.

So I've got this weekend off, and I have a full plate.  Two books to read, a yard to attend to:  leaves are beginning to fall in droves.  Plants are definitely dead and need to be cut down.  Put away outdoor furniture.  

There's a few haunted houses around town that I'd love to go to--do you think I could get Bud to take me?  He has to hold my hand, since I am blind as a bat in these things and walk into the walls.  I am not scared, merely annoyed that my "night blindness" kicks in ruthlessly.  I can't see anything to be scared about!  We haven't been to any for years, so I think it's time.  
This is the house next door.

I have laundry, baking, and cooking to do this weekend so I've got lunches for next week.  It's gotten much much cooler here in the past few days, so finally I can make some dishes in the oven!  So long, summer!  Bring out the flannel sheets!

I've got a get together on Sunday, and I have to bring something to nosh on; I think this recipe for an apple cake is right on the money (plus it gives me an excuse to buy a bundt pan):  Iowa Girl Eats Apple Cake Recipe.  I can't wait to eat a slice of this!  Plus, since I cannot take just one thing, I'll probably make a hot dip to take.  Sweet and Savory are great twins to know and love. I am best friends with them.

I have decided that the only way Christmas will be any fun at all for me is if I ask for a new crockpot from Bud.  One with a programmable time and options galore.  I think it's time for me to let go of the crock pot I purchased in 1985.  It has done a remarkable job over the years, but fills me with fear that it will burn my house down.  And the only options on it are "high" and "low".  Turn it on when I go to work in the morning, and the food is overdone by the time Bud comes over hours and hours later.  I need something with a bit more wiggle room!

So my weekend will be filled with apples, leaves, and books.  Oh--and I have to buy some fall candles.  I went into a frenzy of searching last night all around my house and basement for a pumpkin candle to light for dinner.  I was horrified to find nothing.  Zippo. That will be rectified today after work when I immediately go shopping and purchase a few to last the next few months, before I transition to my piney scented candles for Christmas.  Just isn't October without candles burning at night!

This is a bit excessive, but you get the point!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. 2 books in a weekend? wow, I'm lucky if I finish the newspaper. Heat has gone down here too, not looking forward to winter and cold. :)

    1. It's gonna be tough, but I'm going to try really hard to get them both done.

      The cold actually feels refreshing--wakes me up!

  2. Busy busy weekend by the sound of it.
    I love my crockpot although it is fairly basic. Makes those days I have to work a bit later so much easier.

    1. I am glad people are coming up with better recipes for the crockpot. Gives us so many more choices--especially since Bud can be rather limited in what sounds good to him for supper.


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