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Monday, June 20, 2011

Resetting the Summer Plan

Bud and I went out of town to a wedding this past weekend, and I decided this necessary break would be the restart button for my summer plans.  But before I blather on about those plans, may I give a shout out to  women who rocked their races in the past few weeks?

Bobbi and Nora both ran marathons and had very successful runs.  I love that women are discovering how good it feels to work out--whether it's running, biking, or swinging their hips to Zumba.  Whatever we do, it's so important to keep moving!  So to Bobbi and Nora, I offer a huge hug and a thanks for keeping me motivated during those times when I feel like I'm just not moving near enough.  And also to Amanda and Stephanie who have also completed some amazing runs the past few weeks--all of you keep rockin'!  When I am running, sometimes I believe I'm the only one thinking what I'm thinking.  It's nice to see other people have the same thought processes and manage to reach deep and keep going.  

Anyway, back to the summer plan.  Last week I did not run once.  I didn't even walk fast.  Bud and I would have taken bikes with us this weekend to bike around Storm Lake, but A) we didn't know they had trails, and B) It rained when we arrived on Saturday.  Sunday was spent driving, checking on Mom, overcooking the shrimp for dinner, and visiting the DQ to have a peanut buster parfait (heaven in a cup!)--Bud had a pecan cluster Blizzard.

So this week, I am kicking  off the frustration of the past few weeks and starting over again.  Lots of yard work, and back to running.  I'd like to get my bike tires pumped up, and start riding the trails around town.  And did I mention cleaning the house?  Yep.  It has suffered from the never home syndrome.  Oh--and reading.  I have only finished one book in the last week, and there are many Netgalley books on my Nook that I have to read quickly!    

So here's to a summer that is starting over this week.  Has your summer been what you expected?  Have your plans been derailed?  Choo Choo--this train is back on track.


  1. Thank you for the kind words :)

    I'm trying to get caught up - just read about all the craziness with your mom. I so hope she's doing better - so stressful for you both!

    I feel like my summer starts today - I'm behind in almost everything in my life - time to get moving!

  2. Since summer does really start this week, you're not behind or off I'm going to rev up my exercise routine too, even though I am not competing in any races, except maybe a bike race. Hope everything is better with your mom.

  3. Thanks Alex and Bobbi. She is making a very slow recovery (which is mostly mental). Now if only the weather would cooperate I could get something done outside!

  4. Now I want a peanut buster parfait!
    The pecan cluster sounds good too though.

  5. Thank you for the shout out and the kind words! You are so sweet!!

    Soooo many things to get caught up on around here too. I've got piles of papers that I keep meaning to go through - I guess now is the time. I can't use marathon training as an excuse any more.

    I'm so glad to hear your mom is on the mend....and I'm glad to hear that you are treating yourself to yummy things like a DQ PBP!

  6. Yep, the peanut buster parfait is without a doubt something created by God. I love it, and love even more that I can't quite eat the whole thing. I would feel like a total blub if I could!

  7. Thanks so much Sue!

    PS...I'm now craving stuffed roma tomatoes and dairy queen. :)


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