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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It Only Lasted A Few Days

As I said in my previous post, it has been a bit hectic in my life the last few weeks, and I haven't been home much.  Add in 95 degree days, with a heat advisory, and it makes for neglected yard work.  I went outside this morning at 6:45 AM to water everything before it became oppressive today (gee--it already was uncomfortably humid and very buggy!), and found that the heat has already taken it's toll on a few of my plants.

My beautiful peony bush was in full bloom late last week, so I took some photos while they looked good.  I am so glad I did, cause this morning they are all dead--toasted by the sun.  They didn't even get the chance to get wiped out by a thunderstorm (which is the usual cause of death).  Oh so sad!  And, my lovely purple lilies were also captured in film just before they too bit the dust.  Here's my ode to these plants, casualties of an increasingly bi-polar Iowa summer!  After tomorrow, we go from 95 plus weather into low 70's for highs.  I am amazed anything is still growing :)

I love peonies.  The ant thing is kinda gross, but the smell of peonies in bloom is pure heaven.  I think next year I may purchase a batch of red peonies, and split the  pink one I have.  Did you know you can split peony bushes?  Yep.  It can save you a lot of money!  One branch (with a root!)  will create a whole new bush, if you have the patience.  I learned this after I dug up a row of old peony bushes in my back yard and later that summer I had proof that I didn't get them all dug out.  They are pretty hardy as a bush, but the flowers themselves are delicate and easily smooshed.  That's what makes me appreciate them when they are in full bloom.


  1. I love peonies. My grandma used to have a big bush of white ones in her front yard. I started one, but it hasn't gotten any flowers so far.
    That sucks about your flowers dying.

  2. Oh Sue... Sorry your lovely blooms got toasted. They were absolutely gorgeous while they lasted. Love the shots with the water droplets on them! My neighbor's peonies are just beginning to bloom (as are her amazing poppies) but we are about to get a big thunder-boomer and I don't know if these beautiful babies will make it.

    If you see any peony and/or poppy pics on my blog in the next week, you'll know I got my wish... We've had the crazy heat indexes here in the Northeast too, and our new AC unit hasn't arrived yet! The whole year seems downright crazy so far. Did you guys actually get a "real" spring?

    UhOh! here it comes! Time for me to close a couple of windows!

    Mrs B


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