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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Workin' On That Inner Stuff/Junk/Goop

I had a very interesting 90 minute "spiritual reading" last week at a local center that provides some amazing "new agey" services to our community.  I love this place.  It is tranquil, loving, and always smells good.  And the staff is wonderful.  The results of my reading have kept me thinking about it for days, and set me on a path towards opening up parts of my life that are horribly blocked and under-utilized.  My creativity, expressive power, and journey to embracing my gifts has been at an all-time low, but I've got that kick in the pants I needed and it has energized me with all the possibilities that will come my way if I just work at it.

So I'm working at it.  I'm continuing my meditations--which I love!  I am looking at ways to be creative--even a little bit--every day.  Small steps towards bigger things.  And I've become very aware of what is blocking my progress, and working on eliminating those blocks and replacing them with my own personal power.  

It may sound hokey to some, but to me it's amazing.  If only we could all be at our absolute best, the world would be even more of an amazing place.  I'm spending this year working on my inner self.  And as that opens up and improves, the physical self will follow.  

Here are some of the tools I'm using to help me along the way:

Brene' Brown has been recommended by two friends of mine.  She also has many videos on YouTube that I'll be looking into soon.  I bought The Gifts of Imperfection last September for my sister Patti and I to read and discuss together.  Sadly, that didn't happen.  I have Patti's copy on my nightstand and a pen already underlining key phrases in the book.  I am going to give my other copy to someone I think needs it, as well.  Needless to say, she is very much in my thoughts as I read this book.  I've only read a chapter, but it's already resonating with me very much and I can't help but think this would have made an impact on Patti's feelings about herself.

And for the creative part:  Zentangle.  My friend C-Joy  first mentioned this to me many months ago, and I decided that Bud needed to make this a Christmas present.  My Bud loves me--he not only bought me the book I requested, but got me a sketch pad, colored pencils, and the good 'ol #2 pencils you need for this exploration of "tangling".  

I've only just started this last night, so we'll see how it goes.  From the looks of my first attempt, I have ample opportunity to improve!

What are you doing that's new in 2013?  

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  1. Rock on Girl! Seeing Brene speak at my conference last year put my life on a whole new track. I'm inching my way thru her newest one right now :) I think now would be a good time to pull out my tangle stuff again


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