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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Good Things Tuesday- September 25th

Another sun-shiny Tuesday here in Iowa.  Another day to remind myself of all the good things, big and small, which put a smile on my face and keep me moving forward:

1.  Blankets.  Not quite ready for flannel sheets, but another blanket on the bed is perfect this time of year.  Lets me keep the window open at night without freezing.

2.  Apples.  Crunchy Granny Smiths are my favorite.  Tart, slightly sweet, and they make excellent additions to muffins--or lunch at work.

3.  Two-for-One vitamin sales at CVS.  

4.  Salted Caramel anything.  

5.  Wall calendars.  I love 'em.  All the new 2013 calendars are in stock at my bookstore, and I am having a hard time picking out which one I want for home.  Love to hang it up and makes notes I can see every time I'm in the kitchen.  And I get a little bit of changeable art every month.

6.  Sitting in a friend's backyard and sipping box wine on a lovely Fall day.  No plans, no rush.  Just chat.  Dreaming out loud.

7.  Templeton Rye Whiskey on ice, sitting on the back patio, smelling the warm vanilla notes and relaxing. 

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  1. Love sitting back with friends drinking wine and just relaxing. You are enjoying the start of cooler weather where I am enjoying not having to turn on the electric blanket before going to bed


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