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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Garden Photos: What A Difference A Week Makes!

I've been working in the back garden this morning, and my obsessive-compulsive side kept me pulling, digging, and ripping out plants and weeds for a good two hours.  My back is a little pissed at me.  After taking some time to just look at my garden, I saw so many things that put a big smile on my face.  Looking at the photos from an earlier post, I am amazed at how much my garden has changed in just a short time.  I still have a lot of work to do, and seeds to plant.  I have to buy more dirt, and build up parts of the garden that have sunk a bit over the years.  I still have to work on the garden at the side of my house, pulling out unidentified plants so I can plant some four o'clocks and give the lilies I have planted there some place to grow without being choked out of existence.

But here, for now, is an update on my back garden:

Just a few weeks ago....
Daisies almost ready to bloom...

Teeny Tiny Hostas...

Are now HUGE!


  1. Your garden is spectacular Sue! Digging those bleeding hearts (I think I have said that before?)

  2. I love those footers, especially the red ones, what are they? What a difference from the overgrown tumbleweeds in my yard....Great job :)

  3. okay, that should flowers, I can't even spell anymore.

  4. The bleeding hearts are just about done for the year. They come early and are done when everything else starts popping up.

    I don't know what the heck the red ones are. I will have to look at the marker I stuck next to them the next time I'm outside!

    Can't wait to see how everything blooms later this summer.

  5. The red ones are dianthus I believe, or better known as Sweet William which is a derivative of a carnation... :)


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