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Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Things...

Chocolate cake that I couldn't eat Saturday, but could mow down now!

Daffodils in my back yard--the first blooms of Spring!

New running shoes that feel great!

All leads to a happy me--even with bed head :)
That's Fritz my truck in the back.


  1. All things that would make me happy too! Love the red truck!

  2. Sorry about the gut problems you had on Friday. Nothing worse than getting the tummy yucks just as you're going away for a nice weekend with the one you love. I do have an easy chocolate cake recipe on my blog if you really need a cake fix! I'm sure it's not quite the gourmet confection that they served at the banquet, but it should work pretty well in a pinch! LOL

    Love your new running shoes, and those daffodils are a feast for my winter worn eyes! I hope this decent weather holds out for your run tomorrow. BTW, Fritz is one handsome dude! (not quite as handsome as Bud, though)

    Have A Happy Week!
    XOXO ~Mrs B

  3. mmmmm..that chocolate cake look SO YUMMY!

  4. I don't if I like the cake or the flowers better...okay, who am I kidding, I would die for that piece of cake right now. Hope the weather holds for your run. :)

  5. Love daffodils
    We won't see any around here now for months


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