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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Few Things

Um, I made Bud sick.  He was a good man, and went to the doctor immediately and got some antibiotics and should feel better soon.  I assured him last week that there was no way I would get him sick, and made a promise that if I did, I would be his "love ***" (I was a bit more earthy than that) for life.  

Crap.  He now delights in reminding me of that promise, and says he is going to hold me to it.  He's already making plans for when we are both feeling better.  Well, I guess things will be exciting for the next 30 years.  Trust me--he will not ever forget I made that promise.  Ever. We'll be in our 80's and he will remind me.

This week I found out Jeff Galloway, running expert, is coming to our store for a discussion and book signing on May 6th!  I am so excited to meet him and hear him talk about the run-walk method he uses to complete marathons and teach so many others to do it, usually with PR's.  I have been tasked to spread the word in town, and I hope we have a fantastic crowd.  I told Bud he has to come and listen to Jeff.  Bud is a believer in running without any walking no matter what.  I hope listening to Jeff will help him understand this other method, too.

It's another new month for reading.  So many great books are coming out in May, my head is spinning.  I have some advanced reading copies to read this month, since the books are coming out in May and I need to get some reviews posted.  I can't wait til May, when I can sit out on my front porch and read.  It's such a great feeling.  Last year I didn't do it too much, so I am definitely going to sit out there more this summer.

One last thing--I am planning a trip to Savannah, GA in November with two of my sisters.  I am so excited I don't know how I will make it through the next 7 months!  Let's just say it's been a dream of mine  since my teen years to go to Savannah, and I am so happy I get to go with Pam and Patti.  We haven't been on a vacation together since the late 70's when we were kids.  We've got our tickets, hotel room, and trolley tour all booked for now.  There will be more on that later.  

Must get ready for work today.   It figures, today it will be sunny and 54 while I work all day, and on my day off it's gonna rain and be cool.  Pooh.   I guess that means no excuse not to go to the gym :)


  1. Ha!! Bud sounds just like my hubs - you are doomed forever :)

    The trip with your sisters sounds amazing! GA looks beautiful, but I've never spent any time there (just driven through).

  2. The trip sound fun! I get to go on a family trip in June with ALL my sisters this year!

  3. You had better behave yourselves if I let you go on vacation! No cries of "she's looking at me" or "Stop touching me" because I will pull over. I mean it, don't make me come back there......

  4. Oh C-Joy, I will make sure Patti doesn't touch me. She used to really annoy the hell out of me when we were kids.

    Amber: I have always wanted to go to Savannah! And it's in Georgia, so....that's where we're going! Plus, history freak that I am, it's all about the "war between the states". Must investigate.

  5. You must post pics when you go. I was off all this past week and the weather couldn't have been more yucky, now it's nice and warm grrrr. Hope you feel better soon, I think....

  6. how cool to be going on a trip with your sisters! This is awesome. And Wow, too cool that Jeff Galloway is coming! I listened to a podcast by him a couple of weeks ago. I never knew what I thought about his "walking breaks" in races but I'm sure he's a smart man! And famous! :) Thanks for your sweet comment on my race recap!


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