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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Staying Up All Night Is Not Good For Me

Oh, how I wish this was me right now.  I wish I was one of those people who could sleep all morning, and wake up at 1PM to start their day.  But I'm not.  It doesn't matter what time I go to bed; I will wake up at 6AM and feel the relentless and nagging urge to at least get out of bed NOW.  Even if it's to sit on the couch, I have to get out of bed.  I feel like a big fat lazy wench if I don't.  

Last night we had our yearly store inventory.  This means we stay until very very late, while the inventory people scan every  book, cd, dvd, NOOK, and a zillion other things in our store so our inventory can be correct. Usually, we get out later than we expect, but not too much past our scheduled time.  Last night, I left at 2:30 AM, and felt horrible leaving two other managers to finish up.  They probably didn't leave til after 3 AM.  I got home, went to bed, and had to read first.  I cannot just go to bed, shut off the light and be done with the day.  I must read or my world will wobble on it's axis, the sky will fall, and Chicken Little will start squawking.  Of course, I read until 3:45, when I finally made myself put the book down.  My eyes just couldn't focus anymore, even though the brain was willing to continue and urging me to keep on reading!  Stay up for 24 hours straight!  Come on, ya wus!  I ignored my brain.  I do need to see today.

This morning, I'm up at 7:30 and I feel like I didn't get any sleep.  I'm just one of those people who don't function well staying up all night.  I get physically queasy, bloated, and can't drink coffee or really eat anything that late.  I snacked on chips and salsa around 8PM last night, and drank tea like a good little monkey.  But still, by the time I went home, the ickies were starting and I felt like I was working on a hangover without the benefit of alcohol.  Of course, I was up at 7 AM yesterday morning, and took about a 15 minute cat nap before going to work at 5PM.  So yes, my bio-rhythms were way out of whack!  And I somehow managed to hurt my left foot yesterday, so it feels like I've got a massive bruise on the bottom of my foot by my heel.  I'm pretty sure it's from running in the morning, then wearing shoes that are way past their "sell by" date to work last night.  I am reluctantly not running today, but icing my foot instead, so I can run tomorrow.  The shoes were tossed in the garbage this morning.  Bad shoes be gone!

The next two days are my days off this week, so today is laundry day ( long overdue), gamely practicing my Tai-Chi  ( I feel like Elaine from Seinfeld doing her dance), and eating pasta early in the morning.  Yep, that's what I want for breakfast.  Forget peanut butter toast, pancakes, eggs:  I want carbs!  So pasta it is.  And I know this sounds totally beyond crazy, but I love McDonald's coffee.  It just tastes damn good.  I may get some later today, after I've woken up properly.  My coffee at home just doesn't taste the same.  Yes, I know.  You don't have to say anything.  


  1. I usually have to read in bed too before I go to bed. My brain just doesn't want to settle down for a while. Even when I know I'm going to pay for it in the morning, there I am with my book. And lol at the Elaine dance reference. Too funny!

  2. I like to read before I go to sleep, too. I'm a night owl and have pulled the all-nighters many times in school and working--I do great for a while, but then I crash and am like a zombie for a couple of days. lol

    I think my record was 36 hours straight, without sleep--that was college...don't think I could do that one again. lol

    You get some sleep!!

  3. hehe, I also like reading in bed :) glad to know I'm not the only one :P


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