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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chocolate Cake and Tai Chi

Is it wrong to eat this before going to Tai Chi class?

Food of the Gods and Goddesses
I don't think so.  Chocolate cake with homemade chocolate frosting does nothing but put a person into a calm state of mind and body before learning a new Tai Chi movement.  But then I have to do more exercise to burn it off.  This, I believe, is worth it!

We don't get treats in Tai Chi (that's why I have to eat cake before  I go) except we do get to listen to some pretty cool music while we learn.  The CD we listened to tonight is called Shamanic Dreams and you can get it on Itunes.  I promptly came home and bought it, along with another CD called Healing by the same man, Anugama.  I love to listen to "New Age" music when I'm at home.  It helps me chill out, and I don't have to listen to anyone singing.  That's for when I run and I need the energy.  This stuff is a different kind of energy--the one that helps quiet your mind, relax your body, and make you feel peaceful.

So Shamanic Dreams, Tai Chi, and chocolate cake are the go to this Thursday night.  A hot bath and my warm owl pajamas have me one step closer to sleepy time.  

You didn't think I would neglect to mention that I have a new book to read, did you?  Yep.  All is well in the universe tonight...

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  1. If chocolate cake is what it takes to make sure you get your hands on the balls in the right places then I say go for it!


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