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Monday, February 28, 2011

Big Love, Pork Chops, and Travel A Go-Go

I love that life can be so damn boring one minute, then change at the speed of light in another.  I went from having no travel plans at all for the next year or so, to having a potential of three trips mapped out for late this year and early next year.  I have to sit down, wrap my brain around it, and begin my savings plan.  More on this later!

I messed up my chicken on Friday.  I guess I was too excited to see Bud.  We couldn't watch Big Love (it wasn't OnDemand yet), so Bud got to drool over Jennifer Aniston in a movie.  I got to drool over Aaron Eckhart.  

Last night I made up for my cooking blunder on Friday by making delicious, cooked just right boneless pork chops, along with stuffing and asparagus.  I was a good girl and had iced tea for supper.  We watched two episodes of Big Love, and let me tell you:  poop + fan= Bill Hendrickson's life right now.  He is in a world of trouble.  Bud didn't tell me to be quiet once!  I tend to comment a lot when we're watching TV.  The Oscars were kinda boring...then I spent an hour trying to get Bud to go home.  It was after 11 when he finally left.  I finished a book and shut the light off at midnight.  

I got to the gym this morning and glory be, there was ample parking!  And only one person on a treadmill.  There's always a moment, when I begin running, where the legs feel great, the breathing is effortless, and I think "wouldn't it be great if I could run for miles feeling just like this?"  But that feeling quickly ends, and I find myself sweating buckets, having a dry throat, and feeling like crap.  Really, the extra weight I'm carrying around has made a huge difference in my lack of running.  I can feel that tire 'round my middle and I hate it.  It makes it so much harder for me to run, and my stamina is the lowest it's ever been. I keep feeling the fear of failure and it's really pissing me off.  My running journal is helping me vent.

 I have a virtual 5K to run within the next week, and I'm looking forward to that goal.  I plan on running it on Friday.  Tomorrow I'm heading to the gym for another go at the treadmill, and I plan on doing some weights.  I was pretty much gobsmacked by a gentleman I watched on the show Heavy.  He weighed almost 500 pounds, and after a six month stay at a clinic where he worked his butt off, he decided to run on the treadmill a minute for every pound he had lost.  He lost 180 pounds, so he ran for 180 minutes.  His total miles:  15!  Can you believe that!  Amazing.  This was a man who couldn't even move six months before.  

Tomorrow is my one year anniversary on this blog!  I plan on doing some spectacular (in my mind) blog for it. Can't believe it's been a year.  


  1. Time flies huh? Mine will be a year in another month and I can't believe it! So much has happened!
    xx tash

  2. Love your recap of the gym. I haven't been in such a long time, opting for the more gentler yoga experience where I lay in a hot room and kid myself into thinking I'm not feeling nauseous from the heat.
    Oh, and now I'm craving pork chops! :)

  3. Oh and congrats on your one year blogaversary Sue!

  4. I have that feeling to when I start jogging on the treadmill. (I can't even think about running. Jogging is as good as it's gonna get. lol) I feel good and think I'll be able to go for a really long time. Ten minutes later I feel like I'm gonna die. Now THAT'S some really crappy stamina.


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