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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Week To Come: Chock Full Of Optimism--Or Just Plain Insanity?

We can all breathe a sigh of relief that Thanksgiving is under our belts, and now we're focusing on Christmas.  This leaves me with two weeks to get myself together, and have everything ready for Christmas, since I work 6 days the week before Christmas, and 6 days the week of Christmas.  I know I'll be tired and have an amazing lack of energy after leaving work those two weeks, so time is of the essence now!

This week, my huge big deal is finishing NaNoWriMo.  I'm getting close!  I can't believe it's almost over.  That deadline is Tuesday at midnight.  On Tuesday, C-Joy is having her Holiday Soiree, so I must have my 50,000 words done by early Tuesday morning.  Then I can relax and enjoy the Soiree--and celebrate!  

I also have to decorate for Christmas.  I have a wee little house, so while it may not take much to decorate, too much looks overdone.  I've decided this year, since watching HGTV, to go for a few colors, and make it look as elegant and charming as I can, with a limited budget.  A trip to the basement, and digging around in my boxes will let me know what I can work with, and what I need to buy at the store.  Colored lights hung around the living room ceiling are a must--it's so wonderful to lay on the couch, with lamps off; the glow of those twinkling lights create such a cozy evening.  Add in a few pine scented candles, and it's very romantic and holidayish!

Food wise, thanks to C-Joy and a Saturday of cookie dough mixing, I have some cookie dough in the freezer ready to defrost and bake in a few more weeks. A few loaves of a family tradition--date bread-- and I should be set for special treats.  My Christmas cake is marinating under weekly sips of brandy in the basement, to come out on Christmas Eve.  And my homemade limoncello is making magic in the fridge.  I just have to decant it into some bottles I bought at Pier One to give as gifts to some friends--and for myself!

Hopefully, when I go back to work on Thursday, I will have accomplished my decorating, cleaning, and NaNoWriMo.  All that would be left is the last minute baking and sending out Christmas cards to my family.  I will finish my Christmas shopping on Wednesday for sure, and get everything wrapped in the gift wrap I bought last year on clearance.  Phew.  I sound organized on a blog, we'll see how I do in real life.  And did I even mention exercise?  Well, I will certainly work on making that happen since I didn't go to the gym at all last week.  I'd like to try and run on the treadmill, and see how things go.  I know I will be horribly disappointed at my lack of energy and stamina, but I've got to start again sometime.  And maybe I'll get up the courage to try a spin class.  Wow, what a full week if I can get this all done!  I think I'll sleep well at night.


  1. Ok, I'm tired just reading all you have to do. I feel bad because I have some decent vacation time coming but I seriously doubt I'm going to decorate the house, bake, or send cards to anyone. Oh well, maybe I can decorate my dogs and cats....
    Hope you get to finish everything with time to spare :)

  2. I will certainly try my best. And I may just poop out and say forget it!

  3. Um, yeah, I'm exhausted just reading what you have lined up. At the same time, it has reminded me of what all I have to get done in a very small time frame. Oh, here comes the panic. Must breathe.

    I truly believe you will get everything done in advance. :)


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