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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Too Pooped to Post

It has been a very busy week and weekend for me, and I am completely wiped out, so I apologize for not responding to all the wonderful blogs I read, and not posting at all this weekend.  On a great note, people are Christmas shopping now instead of two weeks from now, so we have been super busy at the bookstore.  So super busy, that my poor 44 year old body can't take the rushing around quite so easily as it did just a few months ago when I was 43.  As for lifting and hefting boxes of books around, well, what I could do when I started at my bookstore at 27 is not the same as what I can do now--mainly, not much tossing boxes around with ease!  Oh, the aging process had begun.  Only a hot bath and my owl flannel jammies can ease the aches and pains.  And having Bud on the couch with me :)

Anyway, I hope to post something interesting before Turkey Day, I'm just too pooped right now.  This is my big push week for NaNoWriMo, so if you see my word count moving up, that's what I'm doing with my time.  And trying to finish a few books.  

Ciao for now, folks!  Talk to you soon.

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  1. Look after yourself. We all have times like that Hugs :)


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