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Thursday, November 4, 2010

So, How's NaNoWriMo Going? Uh...

So it's day four of my writing extravaganza.  I still have to get my word count up for today, but so far I've been meeting my goal.  Bud is going away for a week (sniff sniff) so besides work, I will be able to come home and type away every night.  My story is not following my outline at all, but that's ok.  Sudden brain farts of "hey, write that!" keep coming rapidly, so I feel like I'm trying to steer a car on a very icy road.  Whoaa!  Moving left, when I want to go right!  Fishtailing instead of keep it straight on the road.

But that's the fun part of this challenge.  Who gives a shit what you write?  It's not meant to be good; you're not meant to think about it too much--just think the thought, type the words, and move on.  I had a rough outline of what I sorta kinda wanted my novel to be about, and so far, the only thing that's the same is that the main character is female.  Other than that, nothing is even close.  Apparently, the fear of a bad word count and a rush for time means my brain is thinking up something completely different.

So far, I've listened to music, burned incense, and sipped wine whilst typing.  My next idea is to balance an apple on my head and practice yoga poses while I compose.   I think I might try keeping my eyes shut and  continue typing, too.  Whatever keeps the brain functioning and the words moving!  You know the monkeys and the typewriter story?  That's me.  The great epic novel of the century (sorry, Jonathan Franzen) may be just a few clicks away.

Movin' on!  Honestly, if I get to 10,000 words by Sunday evening, I may have to change my diaper.  I'll be pretty freakin' happy!


  1. You are doing this too? I feel like I must be the only one missing out on this! Good for you! Keep it up and please please for gawd sakes, remember to change your diaper... I can already smell ya!

  2. Good for you! I did sign up for it, but at the last second I started squacking like a chicken!
    You are my hero!
    ...not to mention, you doing it, AND you are blogging!

  3. Now you know what writing for Irreverent is like...laughs. And why it's so much fun.


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