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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Reluctant Housekeeper

 I like a clean house.  I love to see everything freshly dusted, vacuum tracks on the floor (if you have carpeting), a fragrant scent in the air.  Floors scrubbed; bathroom clean and sparkling.  Clothes all put away.  No junk lying around.  Yes, I love all of those things.  What I don't love is that I have to do it.  You'd think just looking after myself, in a small house, wouldn't be tough.  But it is.  When I first started dating Bud, I would rush home from work, and frantically clean the bathroom and straighten up the house.  I didn't want him to think I was a messy person.  Now, I don't do that.  It lasted about 3 months before I realized he not only didn't care, but never noticed if the bathroom was clean anyway.  

I have gotten very bad at housekeeping this year.  I have junk all over, and I'm shocked at what a messy little pig I am!  Oh, there are the excuses, and then there's just because I'm a lazy ass who just moves stuff from one pile to another.  So here's what I look like now, gazing around my living room/dining room:

A reasonable resemblance to me

FYI:  I never ever wear a kerchief.
 Other than that, this is how I will certainly look tomorrow, when I have a moment to clean up this mess I live in.  Have to keep the place clean, so my novel ideas can flow, right?  All this messiness is blocking ideas from floating into my head!  If I just spend a bit of time de-trashing the place, i can do this:

I look nothing like this, but you get the idea

I've managed to get to  over 10,000 words in my novel, so I can change my diaper and go to work.  When I return home, it's list making time! I tend to get more done if I can physically mark it off a list.  And it has to be a handwritten list, too.   A huge week ahead for me; yard work to do (the leaves are finally falling off my tree out back), winter-proofing the house, and by golly, keeping it clean! And lots going on at work.   I hope to hit 25,000 words by next weekend so I'll be halfway to my goal and quite frankly, in shock that I've thought up that much of a story.  

Oh--by the way, I made the Italian Sausage and Tortellini Soup from the Farm Chicks cookbook, and it is excellent!  Pair it with a salad and some crusty bread, and you will be a very happy chicky!  


  1. Oh, Thank God! I don't feel so bad now. I've been looking like that first picture for some time now and still nothing is done. I can't even stand to walk through my house right now, so I just look straight ahead when I have to go from room to room and pray that I don't trip over a cat and kill myself.

    I think it's absolutely marvelous that you have over 10K words already! This Letter Challenge I'm doing is causing me a minute amount of stress, to say the least. I had made a promise to myself that I would keep a few days ahead with my letters the whole time, so as not to send myself back to that crazy place I was a couple of weeks ago and so far, I've accomplished that once. All the rest, I've written the morning of, and didn't even know until I started the letters just who I was going to address them to!

    I did read your last post and was going to comment there, but since I'm here now, I'll do so now:

    1) Hubs is a total stickler for making everything from scratch. I used to call him "The Anal Gourmet" until a well meaning friend pointed out to me just what one connotation of that phrase might be to some people.... So that one went quickly into the "do not say that EVER again" file in my brain.

    2) Like one of the people who commented on that post (sorry can't remember who) said, hubs has been making EB for Christmas breakfast for years as well. He's really very good at it.

    3) He started using the Knorr mix about 5 years ago, just because he was rushed and there was also going to be a period of "wait time" before making and serving the Hollandaise and he didn't want it to "break". He loves it! And so do the child and I. A little squeeze of fresh lemon, like you did, and voila! perfect Hollandaise every time. Trust me, we are pretty persnickety people when it comes to food.

    Well.... Now that I've written my own mini-novel I shall just say Congrats on both the Eggs Benedict and of course NaNoWriMo!


  2. Martha! I just bust out laughing at your anal gourmet comment. Oops! Yes, that is my friend "Ty" who is a very good cook, and likes to do things from scratch. Someday I will try to make one from scratch.

    Your letter writing is going as well as my novel. I am hitting a bit of a dry patch--the excitement of the first few days is done, and now I have the long middle stretch to get through. It will be tough to keep moving forward, but as long as I can get up a bit early in the morning, I can get some writing done. I think your letter writing is a hell of a challenge! Keep it up!

    Take care--
    Ms. Caboo

  3. I am also a reluctant housekeeper. I like to blame it on my kids, but really? It's all my fault. It's nice to know that I'm not alone! Like you though, I find it mentally distracting. I think I'll go clean up now :)

    (Eggs Benedict is my favorite breakfast in the world, yet I have NEVER attempted to make it. When I do, I'll definitely go for the knorr!)


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