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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Think I Like This One...

This blog background may be a keeper for awhile.  I need something flashy to keep up the holiday energy!  Another beautiful day outside; in the upper 60's, which is unheard of in Iowa in November.  Unfortunately, tomorrow is the last day of nice weather, after that, much cooler and rain.  Perfect for me staying indoors and pounding out the novel, which I haven't attended to much the last few days.  That will all change later today.  I always have a sense of relief when I have a day off and I have nothing really planned.  I do have to have some structure, or I will never get off my duff and even make my bed!  But knowing I don't have to go anywhere tonight, and I can eat dinner whenever I want is a relief.  A quick trip to the grocery store for supplies and then I'm home until tomorrow morning, when I attempt to get down to the gym at 5am to workout before work.

I have to get outside and clip down my lovely mums.  They're all fallen over and are looking kinda sad.  I will try  to "quickly" rake up some leaves.  I think I will leave the majority to next week, when I have some extra time.  That reluctant housekeeping I blogged about earlier this week?  Well, I have to do some of it today.  Bud will be back tomorrow, and I do need to at least look like I tried to maintain some level of tidiness in the house while he was gone.  Laundry, bathroom cleaning, kitchen floor mop; tossing out the junk mail.  All the fun stuff!  Then finally, sitting at the computer and typing.  I've fallen dangerously behind on my novel, so I have to make up for it later today.  I have made a goal for myself to not stop typing until I've hit 2500 words today.  Oh, lordy, I have put myself in a pickle!  So off to do my chores, and  I have no excuse later not to write.  Maybe the chores will spark some bit of creativity in my noggin and I'll have a huge turn of action and plot in my novel.  Oh, how funny to call it a novel.  Right now, it's just a bunch of blathering and fanciful imagination I threw up on the computer.  


  1. I really like this one too! I think the handsome snow-guy even looks a bit like Bud!

    I vowed to get a bit further ahead with my projects today too, but so far I haven't quite made it to that point. Hubs is going to need the computer for a career counseling webinar for the next few hours, so it isn't looking too good for today. (How dare he!? LOL)

    Good luck with everything on your list! I know you can do it... No problem.

    Hugs and Blessings,

  2. This background totally gets me in the holiday spirit! I cannot believe you have so many words! Getting sick has put me over 6000 words behind!
    Have fun with your chores!

  3. You will catch up quick, Jess. Just put on the headphones and ignore everyone and everything until you get the word count up!

  4. 'Tis the season to be JOLLY! Glad you got some holiday cheer going before your Christmas Spirit is sucked away by the ghosts of Christmas Present Shoppers :D


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