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Friday, November 5, 2010

Cooking Bucket List--Another One Checked Off!

This is really another reason for me to not write my "novel"; a putting-off exercise, putzing around, you get the picture.  But I can check off another Cooking Bucket List Recipe:  Eggs Benedict.

 I  made Eggs Benedict last night for supper.  I was going to do that thing that serious cooks do--make my own hollandaise sauce from scratch.  I was going to be noble, and wipe the sweat from my brow as I whisked and stirred and poached while Bud slowly faded away on the couch from hunger.  But no.  As I was taking a short break at work, a lovely woman I work with asked what I was making for supper.  I told her my plan, and she said, "Oh, I never make hollandaise sauce from scratch.  I buy the Knorr dry mix.  It tastes great!"  

Oh.  Trot trot over to the grocery store.  Pick up the Knorr Hollandaise Sauce packet.  Easy-peasy.  I felt a bit guilty, but knew Bud could care less where it came from.  Needless to say, my EB turned out fabulous, even if the poached egg pot looked like some kind of alien goo floating in water.  A squeeze of lemon juice into the sauce before I spooned it over the eggs, and--like magic--Eggs Benedict!  And my God, that sauce tasted awesome!  So much so, that I spooned about ten giant scoops onto my eggs, canadian bacon, and english muffin.  I always ask for extra at a restaurant.  It's the best part of the whole dish!

So thanks to my co-worker, I did not spend endless amounts of time trying to devise clarified butter, or stir things just right.  Dump, stir, thicken, serve.  

Bud loved it--I picked my jaw off the floor when he said "I don't think I've ever had this before."  What?!  It's only my favorite breakfast (followed a close second by breakfast burritos smothered in green chile sauce).  Where has this man been?  I have extra sauce in the fridge.  I don't know if it survived the night.  I'm going to make more EB tonight and have a happy stomach!  Unless the sauce is bad, in which case I will have a sick stomach and a very long night in the loo.  Oh--gee--another excuse to put off my word count tonight. :P  If my NaNoWriMo widget isn't higher than 8000 words by tomorrow morning,  then you know what happened...

If you're in a relationship, or have ever been in one, do you have those moments where what is said is so ridiculous, that you can only laugh hysterically?    Well, here's mine.  Yesterday, I was talking to Bud on the phone.  He said "What's that whistling noise?"  and I said, "It's my nostril.  My nose is dry."  What followed was bellyaching laughter on both ends of the phone.  Now I'm a Mom with a whistling nostril.  I can bet you I'll be reminded of that for many years to come.  


  1. Oh that post made me giggle... Thanks for sharing it...

  2. The Light of My Life makes EB every Christmas morning. What do you think -shall I tell him he can get a packet for the Hollandaise?

    I'm glad Bud asked you about the whistling noise, I never had the nerve to ask :-P

  3. Love Eggs benedict Tried to make them once but I much prefer the treat of ordering them when I am on holiday. Especially at some small sidewalk cafe where I can drink good coffee and watch the world rush by. (espcially if it is a business day and I can feel sorry for those on thier way to work)

  4. they are definitely something I don't want to eat and then have to go to work. It's a meal the demands relaxation and play afterwards. Or a snooze on the couch!

    Oh C-Joy, you are so funny. I think Ty should make homemade sauce and then compare it to the stuff in the packet and see how they taste. I'm telling you, it's pretty tasty stuff!

  5. Hi, I followed you over here from It's an Average Life. I love Eggs Benedict, but haven't eaten them for years. I still make everything from scratch, but if you recommend Knorr's sauce, I'll see if I can find it to try. I never could eat that too rich of a dish for breakfast. It was always a dinner dish for me. I've read some of your posts and enjoy your stories.

  6. Sue, It's well known that eating "hollandaise" sauce from a packet leads to:
    1) Strained international tensions with Holland. Don't irritate the Dutch.
    2) Another demon stabbing Julia Child with a pitchfork, but she prefers that since it's less painful than thinking about astronaut "hollandaise."
    3) A high pitched nasally based whistle.
    So, here's the deal, you sit down and sort out a time when I can show you how ridiculously easy and fast actual egg based hollandaise is. Your nostrils will thank you.


    PS: You don't even want to know what the Angry Gourmet thought about this when I told him.

    PPS: I'm not taking the challenge, that would mean having to actually eat the Knorr's stuff...laughs.

  7. Oh Ty....Julia Child and I have an understanding, so I'm not worried about her. Just the fact that I'm eating eggs with the yolk makes her happy. And I'm pretty sure the Knorr-whistling nostril theory is crap. The whistling occurred way before the faux hollandaise was actually purchased! Try again!

  8. Oh Sue, so naive in the ways of science and the flow of the space-time continuum. You see your body knew that at some point you would be eating astronaut food and so, buried deep in your DNA, a switch was flipped to give you your musical schnoz. I'd refer you to the paper published by those bright boffins running the CERN super-collider, where they discovered this retro-active evolution, but I seem to have misplaced the link. You'll just have to take my word for it or shake the Google tree yourself. Oh, and be sure to show your work.

  9. Ty, you are such a nerd. You lost me at Oh, Sue. Ya weenie.

    The whistling has stopped, by the way....


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