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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Scenes From Yesterday's Yard Work

Yesterday was a pretty productive day for me--I was quite pleased with myself!  I cut down my lavender, made four bundles, and hung them to dry around my house.  Thanks to DW; she gave me the idea.  I will put them in sachets for my dresser and tuck them in my sheets.  I absolutely love and adore the smell of lavender; let's face it--we all need the the calming benefits of lavender every day.  I also managed to finish two books--on my way to 100 for the year!  

Lavender ready to hang
I went to physiotherapy; this time I had a lovely woman named Kathy who gave me a different set of exercises to do--now with weights.  A deep tissue massage with something that looks like an electric meat tenderizer got the big knot out of my hamstring.  I had a hard time not involuntarily jerking my leg around--it felt good, but I almost lost control of my leg and started high kicking on the table!

After that, I finally got a new pair of running shoes.  Had to take them out for a test "walk", and it was a beautiful day for it.  I managed four miles of walking pretty quickly and after about a half mile, my hamstring suddenly relaxed and felt the best it's felt since Sept 5th.  I tried to run just a little to see how it was, and after about 100 feet it started to tighten, so I stopped.  I think I've turned a corner ( I pray I'm not wrong) and my hamstring is finally healing.  I know my hips feel better--not so tight!

Yard  work!  Oh yes, I did some yard work.  I ripped out the sad looking Lily of the Valleys that have taken over my front garden, clipped more hostas, and swept up the teeny tiny leaves all over my driveway.  It filled the Yardy to the top!  On Friday, I plan on starting to cut down the back garden, and dig up some stuff--namely the goosey plants that have spread like crazy.  Now that the sidewalk is done, I can start dreaming about what I want to do next year in the back yard.  Better start saving my pennies--a fence is required, and I plan on buying many beautiful flowers.  I missed flower buying this year!  Easy on the pocketbook, but for the eyes, well, there can never be enough flowers in the world. 
Purple Aster Plant--another big grower!

My mums have kinda gone crazy.  I did not expect this when I bought these itty bitty potted plants last fall and planted them in the front of my garden.  This year, they are HUGE and have fallen all over the place.  I still find them beautiful, and I love the color.  
I think they look pretty together--ignore the leaves all over
 My friend the Frog Prince was tucked away amongst the flowers.  It's almost time for him to leave the yard for the year, until next spring:

And finally, a friendly witch to welcome guests and Halloween kiddies :
Greetings at the front door


  1. Lovely garden chickalet... Glad to hear your hamstring is feeling better... take it easy though!


  2. LOVE these pics!!!! Lavender is one of the most wonderful scents imaginable. I adore the frog prince you have in your garden!!! Adorable!! The flowers are gorgeous! Just so serene!!

  3. So glad you had success with your walk! I do echo Tracy's sentiments about taking it easy though. That lavender will make your house smell heavenly! If you drink loose herbal teas, a few pinches in your tea add a lovely little extra soothing touch and you can even make tea just with the lavender.

    I love adding lavender to a hot bath to soothe the body and the mind plus any leftover lavender tea works like a charm for winter dry scalp and it has the added benefit of making your hair smell wonderful.

    I do love seeing your yard and plants, even if it's at the end of the season and your frog prince is just charming. ;~) Have a great rest of the week. I can't wait to hear about the cheese souffle tomorrow night. You must dish. (lord, I just can't run away from the puns tonight!lol)

    Peace and Blessings,

  4. Tracy--I will be careful with the hamstring--I won't let Bud have me do any gymnastics for him tomorrow night.

    Frisky--Thanks for liking my pictures! My frog prince was a birthday present from my mom and dad the year before my dear pops died, so it's special to me. He stays inside over the winter to live again in the spring.

    Martha Ruth: Thank you for your kind words. If I could roll around in lavender every day I would. I just love the clean smell. I hope my plants survive another Iowa winter--I've been lucky so far!


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