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Monday, October 4, 2010

A Monday Off Work--I Am Soooo Confused!

I normally work every Monday night at the bookstore.  This week, I have the joy of two days off in a row.  One of  those days is today.  Can I tell you how messed up this is making me?  It's my mantra today:  "You do not have to go to work this afternoon.  You do not have to go to work this afternoon."  I figure by the time Bud comes over for dinner--another rare Monday happening--I may have relaxed enough to enjoy what's left of the day!

It must be the weather, cause I'm having a major cooking craving.  Not to eat, necessarily, but to cook.  Cook like a maniac!  I think I may be nesting, and the only reason for this is the cooler weather.  So right now, I'm making a Green Chile Stew, recipe courtesy of the New Mexico Department of Agriculture.  It smells spicy; can't wait to eat it for a late lunch.  The rest goes in the freezer for a single girl dinner some night this fall.

So to continue on my cooking craze, I'm making Swedish Meatballs with noodles tonight for Bud.  He had a choice:  lasagna, or the meatballs.  He must be craving meatballs, since there was no hesitation over the phone when I gave him the choice.  I'm going to use up some of the apples I've purchased, and shamefully, not eaten by making an apple crisp for dessert.  If I didn't want to dig into my pile of books today and read,  I would drag out some nanners and make banana bread, too.  What the heck?  I think I want to feed the world!

I've eaten all of my Brach's candy pumpkins, and am fresh out of HoHo's and their "I guess you'll do" cousin, Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls.  No chocolate in the house, unless you count frozen chocolate chips.  Hmmm....

Anyway, here's to Monday, cooking, and doing something a little different this week.  I attempted to put the hammer down today and walk at my usual pace for hopefully, miles, but the leg still won't cooperate.  And somehow I got blisters.  I never get blisters--that cut my walk way short of my goal and really chapped my *ss.  I was a bad girl, and jogged just a little bit, and was again reminded that it's just not in the cards right now.  Off to do my stretches and exercises before I dig into my stew!  Enjoy the day and cook something for yourself!


  1. I've been "nesting too" from stews to spaghetti to lemon, cherry and pumpkin loaves to cookies... It's crazy.. CRAZY I say, since I detest cooking... LOL

  2. Wow-- I love to cook, but am not consistent in how things turn out. This is due to my inability to measure anything. I am puzzled, since just the other day I was hankering for dinner out somewhere instead of cooking. I've lost my mind!

  3. Well, this post made me hungry. lol It's weird, but cool weather always makes me want baked goods, pastries, etc; warm weather makes me crave BBQ. lol


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