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Monday, October 11, 2010

A Long and Rambling Blog About Eggs and Leaves

An Egg Still Life-he he
Well, my plans for an eggstravigant week are in the toilet!  Bud had to move an appointment to tomorrow night (this was much more convenient for the other person, and not for Bud), so no dinner tomorrow night.  That leaves Thursday as our only other dinner night after last night!  So, I guess I'll try the cheese souffle.  I don't want to waste eggs benedict just on me, so I'll have to wait til next week for that recipe.  It's been so freakishly warm here the last week that everyone is getting out their shorts and firing up the grills for one last summer blast.  It's quite frankly making me crabby.  I want cool weather, dammit!  And some rain, too.  A gloomy day so I can stay at home, lounging about and not feeling guilty.  

The good thing is that the weather for Sunday looks perfect.  C-Joy and I won't be walking in the rain or freezing our tushies off in Des Moines.  I received my latest email from the marathon people, and geez, with all the last minute people signing up for the race, they have run out of medals.  And golly--those people who finish later in the half-marathon may get "some kind of medal" at the finish line, and their actual medal will be sent to them later.  These medals come from China, and it takes two weeks to reach the shores of Iowa.  C-Joy and I will have to kick it into gear!  My leg has been aching a bit the last few days, and I think it was from some over-exertion at work.  I'm planning a long walk and a bike ride this week, and finally will make it down to the Y for the first time in 6 weeks.  I feel horribly guilty--like it's a friend I've ignored for the funny one that smells like chocolate and drinks red wine.  I must go to the Y! What I'll do when I get there--who the hell knows?  I hope they let me in the doors.   

Tomorrow is yard day one--Friday is yard day two.  Should have everything cut down by then.  Ah, just in time to start dealing with the leaves that are falling like a bad case of dandruff from the trees lining my street.  Really--are there so many leaves on a tree?  Meanwhile, the lone tree in my backyard is still full of green leaves with nary a twitch of the branches.  They fall in the middle of November, and all at once--a leaf blizzard.  Mother Nature can be a real pisser sometimes!


  1. LOL At least you are not working 2 blocks away from the friend you are ignoring whilst you hang out with the Chocolate Wine friend :-P 5 days until the Big Trip!!!

  2. We have been spending the last three weekends in our yard, cutting back, empting out the annuals putting away the bazillion concrete planters I have etc and even though it is grey and gloomy, not one leaf has fallen from our nine trees.. I can already hear my better half cursing at me when they all come down at the same time (all the trees were my idea... lol)


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