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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Don't Wanna Do Anything Today


"Too bad you can't buy a voodoo globe so that you could make the earth spin real fast and freak everybody out."  Jack Handy

Yep, it's that kind of day.  Every bone in my body, and every brain cell, has been infected by the Ennui Disease.  This disease causes listlessness, utter boredom, and stare-downs with the TV.  That is, if you can break through the ennui to reach for the remote and turn the TV on.  If you have to actually go to the TV to turn it on, forget it. Just sit there.  In your pajamas.  With slippers on your feet.  

Finishing Wolf Hall  last night must have drained every last bit of energy from my body.  I feel like jelly.  It's a sunny day, kinda cool, and I should be busily cleaning up the house, maybe working in the yard, and writing out checks for bills.  But no.  I'm posting on my blog instead, sipping coffee, and not wanting to do anything.  The only thing I have to do today is get my hair cut.  But that means getting in the truck, driving across town, and talking to Sara, my hair stylist.  I love Sara, but the ennui won't allow for interaction with other people.  You must lie down and take a nap until it passes, maybe eat a bowl of Captain Crunch, and read a book.  Or watch a movie.  Or read Jack Handy quotes on the internet.  Really, you should--if you want some cheering up.  

I would worry about wasting my day off this week, but the ennui has taken ahold of my emotions and I just can't summon up the will to be stressed about it.  *Sigh*.  Blah.  "What did you do today, honey?"  "Oh, I fought the Ennui Monster and it won."  "The what?"  "Forget it.  Too much effort to explain."  

Have you ever suffered from Ennui Disease?  There is no cure, but rest assured, it will pass.  Probably.  Maybe.  I don't's too much effort to think that hard.  Blah.  


  1. Oh Lord yes! The ennui monster and I are long time adversaries. Until recently, he's been winning more than I have, but I have some new weapons in my arsenal and I plan to kick his ass once and for all!

    I'll let you know just as soon as I get out of my jammies and slippers and get showered and dressed and get those errands taken care of and... Oh hell. Who am I kidding? I'll have it out with him tomorrow. I need to go take a nap.

    Martha ;~)

  2. Sorry -you must have picked it up from me. I had that last weekend.......

  3. Ooooooh yeah, definitely familiar with that one. lol


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