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Friday, October 15, 2010

A Friday Just For Me!

Oh, today is another day of vacation, and I had planned on working in the yard.  But I just don't feel like it, so I'm not going to.
Instead, I have a long list of things to do before C-Joy and I head off to Des Moines for the Half Marathon, some shopping, and a general good girl's weekend.  I can walk with a hangover :)

My hamstring continues to improve and I got the a-ok from my physical therapist to do the half-marathon.  I was going to do it anyway, but it's nice to have a confirmation.  I have to continue to build strength in my hamstring--according to him, it's been an issue with me for quite some time; the getting hurt was just the final straw.  So, I've been underutilizing my hamstring for probably a few years.  I'm amazed I didn't hurt myself sooner.  Of course, if I ran faster, it probably would have happened earlier this year.   After another session of hamstring separating (hurts like hell, let me tell you!), deep tissue massage (painful on the knot, too), and stretching out my hip,  my leg felt no pain and was warmed up and ready for my bike ride.  I hit the trail, and here are some scenes from my journey:

Me, my shadow, and the trail

An old Ford on a farm just off the trail 

The farmers have been working hard to get in the harvest

The day is gorgeous, and I was lucky to spend some time outside.  Now comes laundry, packing my bag, cleaning up the kitchen from the souffle incident last night, and finishing Wolf Hall.  By all that is holy, I will finish it before Tuesday's book club. It will not defeat me! Then I can read something else from my growing to be read pile.  Bud is busy tonight, but left me a song on my message machine to let me know he loves me!  We'll hopefully see each other again Sunday night.   I'm making a yummy chicken and spinach casserole with--it gets better--toasted bread croutons on top.  No cheese, tho.  Oh, I can't wait!  A movie tonight, a session of obsessing over what I may have forgotten to pack in my weekend bag, and then off to bed!  Have a great weekend everyone!  I'll have picts from the half-marathon after Sunday.
Weeds or wildflowers?  Who cares--they're pretty 


  1. Great photos, looks so peaceful... Good luck on your marathon missy... Hope that hamstring will give you no grief!!!

  2. Thanks Tracy! I will have a lot of fun and the hamstring will not be allowed to give me any lip.

  3. You can read Wolf Hall on the way tomorrow! Well, possibly coz chances are Turtle is going to talk your ear off the entire way. And why is it farmers always plant old Fords but never harvest them?

  4. Oh are so funny. I think Fords take longer to grow. Toyotas and Chevrolets have a shorter growing period.


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