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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Part Of The Garden Shut Down and Hips A Go-Go!

I thought I'd spare you more pictures of cut down hostas.  I am happy to report the Yardy is completely full; almost to the point that I had a near fatal Yardy accident trying to get it down the slope of my front yard and to the curb.  I could have looked like the Wicked Witch, only no house, just a Yardy and my tennis shoe-clad feet peeking out underneath.  I fell into my meditative "hey, just one more weed" pulling phase, where my brain waves slow down to a creep.  It's very cathartic and before you know it, weeds are flying everywhere.  Next week, it's the front garden, and last but not least, the back garden.  Lots of digging up and clipping yet to be done.

Today I went again to the  Physical Therapist.  This time, he checked my posture, and did some strange body bending things to me to see how my pelvis, hips, and other middle of the body stuff looked.  The conclusion?  I am in worse shape than I realized.  It brings me near to tears thinking about it.  Did you know you have rotators in your hips?  They work first to kick everything else in gear, so you can move your hamstring.  If they don't work in order, injury is the result.  My left rotator has pretty much no power to lift my leg.  He climbed on a stool, and pressed down HARD on points above and below my hip and had me do leg lifts.  Yep, very uncomfortable.  It was weird, cause after a few, I could feel something in my hip kind of "give" in a good way.  He then did the same tests, and my range of motion was much better, and my hamstring didn't ache.  He said it's not perfect, and we'll do more later, but it was a start.  Off to home to continue my twice daily stretches and hip strengthening exercises.  Must open the pelvis!  I'm sure Bud will be glad to help--sorry!  had to include a snarky comment :)

This makes me wonder just how long my hips and pelvis have been messed up.  Is this why I've had such a hard time running this year, and my speed is down?  I put it down to getting older, being heavier, and the old "been there, done that" attitude from already doing all the big races in the past few years.  But perhaps all along it was my body trying to tell me to stop.  I hate the thought of spending all of the money (even with insurance) on physical therapy, but I keep telling myself it's for my own good, and what I can fix now and pay attention to in the future means I can run again in a few months, and keep running for years.  

What I need now is Jackie Warner to come and kick my butt!  Have you watched Thintervention on Bravo?  It's fabulous.  I feel like  a cross between Gina and Nickie except I'm not British, I don't drink heavily every night, and I don't live in a huge house in California with a personal chef.  Anyway, Jackie rocks--she has the most amazing body I've ever seen.  I'm not saying I want that body  (she can probably open a bottle of beer with her abs), but I would like something closer to it than what I have now. 

 Ok, Sue, put down the junk!  As I'm typing, I'm thinking I should hit the DQ for one last peanut buster parfait before they close for the season.  The mind is weak, and the body is weaker--especially my weenie hips.

Good Lord!  :P  


  1. Oh! Those yardies will turn on you if you don't watch them! ;-) Glad to hear your physical therapy is working...just stick with it as long as you can.

  2. I know going to PT stinks, but if it can get you back to where things are working properly, then by all means, do it. Don't wait for the day when your body turns on you and there's no going back. Trust me.

    I have to say that I don't get tired of hearing about the gardens and I sure don't get tired of the beautiful pictures of them. So, keep on posting all you want about them. I've got to live vicariously through someone!

    I went out (with my most recent coupon, of course) to B&N and bought "Georgia's Kitchen". Haven't started it yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I'm a total foodie and I've always wanted to go to Italy, so how could I resist? Thanks for the review.

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by and leaving such a thoughtful comment on my anniversary post!



    PS: I liked the snarky Bud comment!

  3. Martha, you are so very welcome. Enjoy Georgia's Kitchen. yes, I will continue PT--I'm glad to find these things now instead of a few years from now--oh, if I could turn back time!
    Take care and let me know how you like your book.


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