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Monday, October 18, 2010

2010 Half-Marathon Triple Done!

When I started out this year, my goal was to improve my running time and enter the Council Bluffs Half-Marathon in May.  I ended up entering two more half-marathons, and yesterday was the third and final half-marathon.  I have to say, I can't believe I did all three, but I have mixed emotions on my results.  Instead of improving my time from my first half-marathon in 2006; I have slowed down with each new half.  In Council Bluffs, the weather was very muggy and humid and that affected my running so much that I had a time of 2:52:47; I had hoped to better my time from my first half, which was 2:31:59.  I blamed it on the weather, not training enough, being older and heavier.  

In September, I ran the Bo-Fest Half-Marathon in Cedar Rapids. I was so excited to run this, the first half-marathon in CR.  I trained all summer, and felt prepared.  But, an anxiety attack, a hamstring injury, and just a complete melt down resulted in me walking most of it, with a time of 3:14:13.  Instead of getting better, it took me longer!  

Off to the physical therapist to get my hamstring healed.  No running for 6 weeks.  Hamstring injury stems from hip problems, so still working on that.  But it is improving every week.

October 17th was the IMT Des Moines Half-Marathon.  I had signed up for it way back in April, with my friend C-Joy who had set a goal to walk the half.  I said, sure, I would go, but I would run.  Well, the injury prevented me from running, and since I still wanted to go, I was going to walk it.  I walked the first 5 miles, then decided to try and run (very slowly) with walk breaks the last 8 miles.  So I did--my hamstring felt ok.  The freakin' blister on my right foot kept my mind off the hamstring, and kept me relaxed.  I finished in 3:19:27.  I was happy with my time, but I was going for 3:15.  A potty stop, a band-aid stop, and stopping to help another participant with serious blister issues kept me from my goal.  But I had a great time with C-Joy, her sister, Mom, and Turtle.  I must say I kept looking up, expecting to see Bud along the route, since he's been with me for every half and the one full marathon I have done.  I missed seeing him with his bike, taking pictures and giving me words of encouragement.  But I was so proud of C-Joy!  She came in under her goal time and did such a great job.  I think I may have destroyed any chance of her walking another half again, tho.  The stiffness and pain came roaring back on the two hour drive home, and both of us had a hard time getting out of the van and hobbling to our couches!  Here are some pictures from our sunny Sunday in Des Moines:
The picture is kinda lousy, but this is walking towards the start line

Heading towards the Capital Building
Ignorant of the pain we'll have 3 hours later...and freezing!
Free beer?  Hello!
C-Joy and I finished, posed for "official" photos, made our way to the free beer tent (It tasted soooo good I had two), and got massages before hobbling off to meet C-Joy's family for the ride home.  We weren't fast enough to get the official half marathon medals (too many last minute entries--they ran out) so I got the Relay medal, and C-Joy got the marathon medal from last year.  They assured us we would get our medals in the mail.  It was nice of the marathon people to make sure everyone got a medal, even if it was the wrong one!  We also got bonus hip and back pain, plus blisters on our feet.  I got a high five from a man dressed as Austin Powers, and a gatorade from Santa Claus.  Plus, a witch along the way cheering me on and telling me I was SuperSue because I was Super!  Whoohoo!  I also made it a mission to pass the lady ahead of me with a chicken hat on.  I just couldn't follow that all the way to the finish line.  Needless to say, I was standing near the finish line, waiting for C-Joy, when I saw the this lady pass by, chicken hat still firmly in place.

I can say now with absolute certainty that walking a half-marathon is much harder than running one.  Trust me.  Yes, there is pain with both, but with walking, you have much more time to dwell on it, and wonder, "What the hell?  I'm just walking!  It shouldn't hurt this bad!"  With running, you know it will hurt, and accept it as part of the package.  Plus, it's over quicker!  Who knows what races I will enter next year, or how far and fast I will run.  I will leave that up to the 2011 Sue, not 2010 Sue.  She needs a break!


  1. I have heard the "walking hurts too, but different" sentiment from others who've walked half marathons - GREAT JOB!! I'm looking forward to seeing what 2011 Sue has in store...

  2. Thanks Bobbi! I hope she's faster and thinner than 2010 Sue.

  3. Woohoo -we did it!!!!!! After several doses of vitamin-I I was able to move around some this morning :-D

  4. Congrats girl... good going to the both of you!

  5. WOW! Huge congratulations!!! I could never run or walk a marathon! Wish I could, but I'd walk two seconds before veering off to the first cafe. I know, it's just awful!! lol

    Total respect!!!! :)

  6. Thanks to all of you for the lovely comments. Knowing there was beer at the end was a motivation for me :) Every race makes me scared to death and wonder why I do it, but the last bit of distance, with crowds cheering you on, makes it all worth the while. And, medals are a pretty cool thing, too!

  7. Oh my goodness pat yourself on the back a whole bunch of times! Three fricken half marathons? I have done one and swore I would never do it again as i limped towards the finish line! You are a heroine...I mean that as in the female hero..not the drug...

  8. Thanks Sandra! I love your blog, and will follow faithfully. Any smart ass like you is a person after my own heart. I think my evil twin signed me up for the half-marathons, and then I got stuck running/walking/hyperventilating/freaking out at each one while they sat back and laughed. thanks evil twin. bastard.

  9. Sorry you're hurting, but at least it sounds like you enjoyed the time spent with C-Joy and her family! That is certainly one of the positive aspects of the overall experience, right?

    Personally, I think you did a great job, considering your hip issues and hamstring. (They can be pesky little buggers) I think by the time the next one rolls around, you'll know if your ready for it or not.

    Job well done in my book! Peace,


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