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Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Plans for the Week Ahead--Probably Won't Stay This Way!

Flowers from my garden taken through a kaleidoscope 
Well, C-Joy in all her motherhood "got it togetherness" has already begun getting organized for the holidays.  Alas, with no child, or husband, I find my getting organized for the upcoming holidays less stressful than she has it.    Although, as one of those lucky retail managers C-Joy mentions, it means working 6 days a week and being exhausted and decidedly non-holidayish.  But, her blog has started me thinking about what I can do now, before the craziness begins, to keep the house and yard from becoming a ginormous mess.  It's amazing what one person can do to a house!

I am already finding some things hard to plan for, since Bud has begun his deer hunting season, and my schedule at work now includes working mid-shifts.  Both can play havoc with planning dinner, a night with friends, time with Bud,  or even my beloved and oh-so-necessary reading time.  Did I mention running?  Still have that half-marathon yet to go in October, and a family wedding weekend at the end of this month.

So starting tomorrow (working 11-7:30 today-uggh), I am making a list of must do this week stuff.  Top of the list:  mowing the yard.  I think it's been two weeks.  Luckily, the cooler weather has slowed down the rate of growth for the grass.  I'm also going to tackle some yard clean up--cutting down dead flowers and attempting to clean up the garage.  I think a bike ride will be in order, too.  And, dare I say, a trial run?  The leg still twinges, so I'm going to take it slow and with no hills.  Having fellow co-workers who also run, but have not this past week, has kinda made me forget a bit about it.  I think that's probably a good thing for my mental game!  Still working on getting all the books in my house up and on bookshelves.  It's harder than I thought.  And maybe, just maybe, a trial run at a cheese souffle this week.

Have a grand week everyone!


  1. Sounds like you've got your hands full! :)

    How about using a timer to get those books on the shelves. Just doing 15mins at a time, the Flylady way?

  2. I am trying to do the 15 minute thingy with the yard--I take it in sections of time, otherwise it's too darn much! Thanks for the tip! The books are just determined to keep "falling" off the shelves and onto the floor--near the couch, near my bed, near the computer. I'll keep plugging away at it!

  3. Ugh -midshifts! Been a great week for yard work though. BTW, I'm flattered you think I've got it together :-P


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