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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Results Are In!

I previously posted about running another half marathon in September, and asked my readers if I should do it.  The overwhelming response was yes (and Ty said "don't be a wimp").  So, I'm gonna do it!  I shall take up the challenge. 

I will sign up this weekend and be locked in.  I hate to waste an entry fee and then not run the race.  So, friends and family, I expect you to be at the finish line, cheering me on!  Just don't get there too early--I'm one of the slower runners. :)

Speaking of running, I have to get off my duff and run after work today.  I couldn't get up this morning to run before work, so now I'm forced to cram it into tonight's activities.  Luckily the weather will be nice this afternoon and I have an excuse to stop at my sister's house before my run. 

Have a spectacularly wonderful extraordinary Thursday!  

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  1. Wimp? HA! Ask Mr Mercer how many marathons (full or half) he is signing up for and then we'll see who the wimp really is :-P


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