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Friday, June 18, 2010

Crossing Off The To-Do List

I made a list the other day of tasks I want to accomplish in the next week.  I have a few days off, so I have no excuses for lazing about!

I woke up this morning to a sunny day and slightly humid weather.  Perfect day to start crossing off the list.  First on the list:  wash the outside of the house.  As you can see, I use state of the art equipment:  a bucket of soapy water, a garden hose, and a brush on a long extension (thank you, Bud!).

I dressed in my rattiest clothes, knowing that in my gracefulness, I would drench myself and make a big mess.  And I did!   But it was warm and sunny,  so it felt good.  Starting with my  garage, I moved onto the back of the house, and worked my way to the front.  It may be my imagination, but my house looks a bit brighter and seems happier to be clean.  I feel a huge sense of accomplishment just doing this one thing.  I think that tells you how little I've actually been doing all summer!  After washing the house, I found some of my lilies looking particularly lovely:

Tomorrow is forecast to be sunny and warm with no rain in sight.  Next thing on my list:  washing the seat covers in my truck, cleaning it out, and vacuuming all the gunk that's collected on the floor.  Since it's also sunny tomorrow, washing all my curtains and hanging them on the line to dry in the sun.  And finally, tomorrow night, a lovely dinner and time with Bud.

You may have noticed I haven't run at all this week.  When I ran my race last weekend, I fell before the race in a hole and ended up pulling a muscle in my left leg.  I didn't feel it until that night, and all day Sunday my leg was aching.  So I decided to take a week off, have a break, and reconnect with that part of me that likes running.  Next week, I start again.  The week after that, I begin training for my next half marathon on September 5th.  This time, I'm going to follow a week by week training program and see if it makes a difference.

Have a great Friday!

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