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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Where has the Time Gone?

Holy cow!  February is almost gone, and we're inching closer to Spring.  I think most of the country agrees with me when I say it can't come soon enough.  I'd much rather have a few blizzards then having snow storms every few days that require frequent use of the shovel every week.  Although it is the only exercise I've been getting lately.  There  is no more room for snow around my house.

School is going fairly well; this semester is going to have much more output for big papers than last semester.  I'm handling my time a little better, but still have to ban myself from seeing Bud whenever I want to  because I have so much homework to do every week.  I'm happy to say I'm going to the ALA (American Library Association) conference at the end of June in Las Vegas, and two of my nieces are going to join me for a weekend of fun.   Discovering where my heart lies in the world of librarianship continues….just goes to show surprises can still happen when you least expect them.

I hate to say I quit the Y because I haven't been since I started school in August.  Shame on me.  I can feel the difference, too.  I am so anxious to get outside and start running again I've become positively twitchy! Hope to get in a few small races this summer.  I have no problem starting over in my running quest.  Slow, steady progress is what I'm after, and the ability to work off some stress (and weight!) in the beautiful outdoors.  

So until this never ending winter finally goes to sleep, here's a reminder of warmth, color, and the scent of spring:

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