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Friday, November 1, 2013

November. I Made it Through Mid-Terms. Barely.

October was beyond stressful.  It was pretty darn awful, in fact.  I am glad to see it go.  It means I have about 6 weeks of this semester left.  We are down to single digits for remaining classes.  Learning so much and wading through information coming at me left and right.  

I've figured out a few things to help me next semester: make plenty of muffins and easy breakfast items that I can stick in the freezer. Make plenty of meals to stick in the freezer to take to school for lunch.  I'm very fortunate to have a SLIS program that not only has a study/computer/relaxing room for all of us, but a kitchen where we can keep our food and reheat it.  Iowa City is ridiculously expensive and money can be spent pretty quickly eating on the run.  Over Christmas break I'll be making lots of soups, beans and rice, and other easily portable lunches to feed me through the Spring semester.  

Right now I'm figuring out what to take for classes in the Spring.  So many opportunities to try so many things at school it's hard to make a choice!

And I miss my running.  I so miss running.  All the things I need to do to keep me calm and focused aren't happening--meditation, exercise, good, clean eating.  Skipping meals, not drinking enough water, and not getting enough sleep are keeping my energy not so high.  All of this is a big part of adjusting to a major change in my life; a change that takes up a lot of time.  So I'm not that great at being organized yet.  But it will come!  And lucky me, I haven't even had a sniffle, while people around me are all sickies.

What can I say about the coming few months?  On the downhill slope now; but Christmas is coming.  Not too far away, can you believe it?  Without a doubt it will be a small gift giving season for me.  I did find a fantastic little shop in Iowa City yesterday that will keep some of my money.  Can't wait to go back when I have time to pick up a few presents for Christmas.  

Pomegranates are back. Oh, happy days!  And cranberries.  Love them any which way.  I think I may have to make a pomegranate martini sometime this month just to celebrate that glorious fruit.  

My dates with friends are starting to stack up.  I think so far I have three outstanding "when you have time" appointments to meet friends over drinks.  And my dear Bud, what a wonderful man.  He's been so patient and accommodating to my "I can't see you this weekend I have to study" phone calls.  He keeps me going.  Can't wait to spend some quality time with him!  We've already made a date to have a get away weekend in January before school starts again.  I'd be happy just lying in a hotel room watching tv  for the weekend.  

How is your November shaping up?  Fingers crossed the snow holds off until after Christmas!  

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