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Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Am Doggie Paddling As Fast As I Can!

So....I continue to adjust to the work/school week.  Not having any time to think is making the time go fast--in a blink of an eye it's Thursday night and the week is (mostly) over.  

School is getting thicker.  That's the only way I can describe it.  I have been strongly (yet in a totally friendly, enthusiastic way) advised to attend another librarian convention in October.  I talked it over with my Bud and a friend of mine, and they both say "you'd better go!".  So, pencil that into my schedule.  That's two conferences in October--both within 10 days of each other.  

I am finding myself taking bits of time here and there to quickly try and get some homework reading done; plan my days, and think about upcoming assignments.  I am learning PowerPoint this Saturday on the fly from my sister--who says "I looooove PowerPoint!  It's so easy!"  I hope she's right.  I have my first big presentation next Thursday for class and I'm doing it on PowerPoint.  I feel like I should be flying a flag from my truck antenna that says "flying by the seat of my pants"  That truly is how I feel.  Really wishing I had a blow up ring around my middle to keep me afloat.

One thing I really really miss is working out.  I simply haven't been able to do it since I started  school.  40 hrs of work + 8 hrs of classroom time + 10 hrs of homework a week don't leave me with much wiggle room.  Right now I feel that getting sleep is more important.  Getting up earlier in the morning to do homework before work means I am ready for bed by 9 PM.  

School is much more time consuming than I predicted.  As I said in my last post, graduate school is so much more different than undergraduate school that you have to go through it to get it.  When I say "I don't have time to do that/for that" I really mean I have no time.  Just ask the unfolded clothes in baskets and the dirty clothes hamper; the sink full of dishes and the meals that I haven't made all week.  

I am not complaining.  I do not regret even for one nano-second going back to school.  It is hard.  It is time consuming.  It is tiring.  But I will get through it, one week at a time.  Me and my vitamins!  How do you cope with added responsibilities?  

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  1. My husband got a different job with day hours so I am up earlier than ever and so I am ready for bed by 9 too. Depending on things, I may be finding a paying job and than I will have to figure out how to get everything in. I never get everything done now.


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