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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snow, Snow, Snow--But March is Coming!

Bud has been hanging on by the tips of his fingers through December, January, and February.  March 1st is like the shining sun at the end of a very long tunnel.  The man with the eternally optimistic view, who never lets anything get him down, is caving under the boringness of the Winter Months of Doom:  those months where it gets dark out at 4 PM and it's just too darn cold to do anything but huddle at home with a blanket and watch crap TV, and it snows.

But tomorrow is March 1st!  Yeah!!  It may put a big smile on my Bud's face.  

Except it's snowed for three days here.  I woke up this morning to see little teeny tiny flakes still falling from the sky.  It's not doing anything to the roads, thank you very much--just making it very annoying to have to sweep off sidewalks and steps once again.  It's reminding us that while we had days where it was in the 50's in November; well, this is February, and dammit you're gonna get some snow.  

I plan on starting to run outside in the next few weeks, so this snow just has to go.  I don't want to get my new running shoes all muddy, so it has to go and dry up so the trails aren't gross.  Mother Nature, get on that right away, okay?

And in a few weeks, we have Daylight Savings Time.  It may very well send Bud into a swoon.  He is a sunny day, hot and humid kind of person.  I just get crabby and demand Peanut Buster Parfaits from the DQ.  I want to eat everything on slices of toasted baguette and sip cool drinks in air conditioning.

But that's a bit away, so for now I'll take March 1st on the calendar.  Hearing the birds chirping every morning is a good sign Spring is on it's way; also smelling the lovely soaps we have on our Spring display at work keeps me on an even keel.  I am a sucker for Lemon Verbena anything.  I may have to buy the soap and keep it tucked in my purse so I can smell it all the time.  That's not weird, is it?  I would be discreet, I assure you.  

And March is bringing my family a lovely little gift:  my niece is having her second child--a little boy--on my sister Patti's birthday:  March 13th.  My sister loved kids to bits, so I know she will be doing a happy angel dance on the other side.  We look forward to meeting my little great nephew in a few weeks.  Love the smell of a newborn infant!  And it's an excuse to buy baby things.  

How are you going to celebrate the coming of Spring?  Looking up old favorite recipes to make that are a bit lighter than our winter fare?  Planning a race or sporting event?  Or cleaning out the house?  

I have one word:  limoncello.  It's approaching limoncello making time at my house.  That is my Spring word.  It may also be my Summer word, too.


  1. Here's a thought -let's make it the fall word as well! We'll keep our focus on limoncello so we can blissfully ignore the storm heading toward us next week :-D

    1. I think that's a very good idea. Limoncello should just be our world for the year. And I am ignoring the storm next week. Sticking my tongue out at it, actually.

  2. Happy for your Spring, not so happy for our Summer ending. Although we should still get a few more warm days before Autumn really kicks in.
    I do hope you get your wish for a dry running day and that your new addition to the family arrives safely and brings much joy


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