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Friday, February 15, 2013

Let The Games Begin


Brooks Running Shoes: Glycerin 10.  The most expensive running shoes I've ever purchased.  It's rice and beans for me for awhile.  But...I think I have a pair that will make my feet feel better.  Going to Running Wild and talking to someone who actually knows something about running really does help.  Now that I've discovered I have a high arch, it makes all the sense in the world why my feet hurt all the time!  Wrong shoes.  So, these are my babies.  And, they filmed my running on the treadmill, and I could see how I run.  I pretty much run straight as an arrow, which also explains my tight hips.  My sister, who came along to find a pair of shoes to begin her running odyssey, runs nothing like me! She's more of a kick out and cross over kinda gal.   So we both got completely different shoes.  

I hope we both get some maximum fun runs out of these shoes.  Next week we both officially start our half marathon training, so fingers crossed we both get through it with no injuries.  I started taking a Body Pump class at the Y and with two classes under my belt I can say with certainty that I can't lift my arms very high.  I am sore!  Lots of room for improvement there--barely any weight on my barbell and I was sweating and trembling after an hour.  

The Body Pump class coupled with 3 days of running will be my training--and maybe an occasional yoga workout at home to help with the muscles.  

And food.  My nemesis.  Always working on that--every day, all the time.  Making good choices is really difficult.  Cutting down on my portions seems to be a good way to start.  And cutting down on pasta to only occasionally, instead of every week.  It's tough with pasta cause it's so quick and easy to make for a fast meal and especially if Bud's not coming over.  I'll be forced to not buy any, so I won't be tempted to eat it.  

So here I go.  Gulp.  Here's to a better body, better eating, and more energy.  


  1. Nothing is as motivating as new shoes and a half marathon training plan! Have fun and enjoy those sweet new kicks :-)

    1. Thanks! I am eager to try them out on the treadmill. Can't wait to try them out in the great outdoors.

  2. Sweet shoes! I'm beginning to miss pasta -must look for spaghetti squash, and maybe the thingy that lets you cut zucchini like spaghetti noodles :)

    1. I think if I force myself to not eat it for a few weeks I won't want it at all. Now it's just habit that keeps me eating it.


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