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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ok...Tomorrow is Gym Day. Seriously. I Mean It.

I freely acknowledge that if I worked out during the month of December I wouldn't have the lack of energy that only a blood transfusion would fix.  Besides work, the running around to shop (which I absolutely hate to do after working in retail all day) for presents, decorating the house, and trying to make something with chocolate for treats  just poops me out.  So the one thing that quickly falls to the wayside (besides my beloved reading) is working out.  

I just don't wanna go to the gym at the butt crack of dawn.  And since it's dark when I leave work, I don't wanna then, either.  The super cold weather may have something to do with it, too.  And miraculously, I sleep better in the colder months that I do when it's warmer outside.  I get my sleep when I can take it.

So I don't.  Darkness=home Light=Gym.  Since I am only outside  between home and work when it's dark, that means no gym for me.  Amazing how I came up with that excuse!

Now we are in Post-Christmas Clean-up at the store; people are back to school and work, and I am not frantically running around looking for chocolate and coffee to inhale.  

I have no excuse not to hit the gym.  I don't wanna isn't good enough.

Plus--oh shit--I have a half-marathon in May.  I haven't run in months.  Oh shit.

And--I have committed to running a 5K in April with my sister, my niece, and apparently gobs of other people, where we are doused in colors as we run, so we look like modern art on two feet.  

Oh shit.  

I'm putting my work out goal at 3 times a week.  Not enough, I know, but enough to feel like I am giving it a go, and enough to have some sore muscles.  Start the road to running!  I don't want to be the weenie that comes in last.  And lunges, oh, those love to hate lunges.  I will do them with the full knowledge that I will never have legs that will be able to lunge repeatedly without major burn. Lunges are fun that way.

So please, gym people.  Make sure there is a treadmill open for me tomorrow morning.  I promise I will get on it and start running...until I take a walk break 2 minutes later.  

Progress is made in teeny tiny steps, my friends.  Sweating means you're doing it right.

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  1. You can do it. You know what you have to do and you have the means to do it.
    But I am with you in that it is so much harder in winter. Everythign is harder in Winter andI dont even have snow to deal with


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