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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Want To Live In This Colorful World!

Ok, Jill Badonsky.  I have held your Awe-manac  in my hands many times over the past year.  I have contemplated buying it, but clearly my creative self was stuffed down a toilet and didn't respond to your cheerful, color infused pages full of info and ways to kick start my year--day by day.

So instead you've brought out the big guns:  The Muse is In: An Owners Manual for Your Creativity.  It's filled with all sorts of ways to jump start your creativity and jump over those barriers of fear, self-doubt, and just plain laziness.

I'm in.  I'm buying it tomorrow.  I can't help it.  Things are being put in my path to keep me moving along, so I won't ignore this one.

You, lucky reader, will be the recipient of my creative outflow.  I'd say  creative vomit, but it wouldn't be very appealing.  But I'm pretty sure that's what it will feel like.

I don't know how my creativity will grow--art?  writing?  photography?  a better blog?  It would be great if it was all of the above.  And if I could make millions off of it  this year.  Then I could be creative off in some island home surrounded by a lovely beach and palm trees.

But I digress.

So.  Creativity 101.  I'm here, with sharpened pencils, a blank notebook, and a pathetically nervous smile on my face.

Wish me luck.

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  1. This sounds like the most wonderful book. I shall have to look for it myself.
    I love tht you are exploring your creativity and can't wait to see the results


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