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Monday, December 3, 2012

Meatloaf the Man Will Eat

I love my Bud.  Love him so much I've not made meatloaf for years because he told me once he doesn't like it.

Then he told me last month that yes, he would in fact eat meatloaf--just not all the time.  Well.  Who makes meatloaf all the time?  There's a time and a place for meatloaf, and every week is not it.  I made a mental note to attempt meatloaf sometime this winter.

Yesterday I was sorting through my sister's recipes, and found a handwritten recipe for cheesy mini-meatloaves.  The recipe looked incredibly easy, and made 8 little meatloaves.  Perfect for two people to divvy up and take for lunch the next day, or put in the freezer for later.  But--somehow Patti left out a binder.  Nada.  Nothing.  I am no cooking guru, but even I realized without some kind of bread crumb situation these meatloaves were going to be sub-par.

So I got on Google, and attempted to find this recipe.  And I found it.  Except it called for oats as a binder.  No wonder Patti left it out.  I read the comments, and what do you know--someone substituted Italian bread crumbs instead.  Bless them.

So I made 'em.  And received an unsolicited "These are really good" comment from Bud.  And he took some to work for lunch today.  And they were ridiculously easy to make.  I did add some garlic powder and Worcestershire sauce to the mix and omitted the onions, 'cause Bud doesn't do onions unless they're deep fried and coated.  Here's the link to the recipe:

Mini Cheesy Meatloaves.  Make them.  They take no time at all, and can be served with potatoes, salad, veggies, or even noodles.  I made extra sauce for Bud and I will say I preferred my meatloaf with less sauce--cause it is sweet.  More mustard for me!  And they're little, so you can put them on a bun the next day for a very easy lunch.  And they're cute.  Yes, cute meatloaves.

I would post a picture of meatloaf, but let's face it:  it may be tasty as all get out, but it doesn't look too appetizing in photos.  


  1. Everything is better with Italian bread crumbs...or anything with Italian in it for that I've been making meatloaf like that for years, my mom used to put eggs in it too.

  2. I make those! Super yummy. I have them on my yummy stuff blog.

  3. What a wonderful way to honor Patti's memory! Seriously, I think you should write a memoir using Patti's recipes. I won't even ask for a percentage of the book sales for giving you the idea. Just bring me along when you are asked to go on Ellen :-D


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