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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cooking, I Accept The Challenge! You Weenie

I love to cook.  But, I've never cooked a turkey (always go to someone else's house for Turkey Day), have failed miserably at cooking Chinese at home, and holy crap!  I do not have a tart pan--or even a bundt pan in my kitchen.  

This is going to end.  I was puttering in the kitchen tonight.  Made food that not only was a disappointment to the taste buds, but to my stomach, too.  Uggh.  And I realized that 2013 will be the year of THE NO FEAR COOKING PROJECT.  

What is THE NO FEAR COOKING PROJECT, you may ask?  Hell, I don't know.  I'll find out when you do.  I believe it means there may be a turkey in my oven sometime next year.  I will figure out how to make beef with black bean sauce in my kitchen, by God!  I will make a lovely tart and/or something else that involves using a 9 inch springform pan!  

I will  not be afraid.  I will cook with gusto!  I will slop stuff all around the walls, ceiling, and floor!  I may even wear the one apron I have tucked away in a drawer!  

Poor Bud.  That's all I have to say.  I'd better stock up on pepto.  

But--one thing I have made in the past week that I must share is such a delish little salad that Bud inhaled it on two separate occasions and has requested more.  It's pretty darn simple, and I could eat it most every day:

Take a mixture of baby arugula greens and dump them in bowls ( or one big one--I make two individual salads for Bud and I).

Peel and slice a pear; add to greens.

Add some walnuts or pecans--whichever you like--or leave them out and add sunflower seed kernels.

Crumble up some good bleu cheese and put on greens.

Scatter some pomegranate seeds on the salad and give your salad a couple of grinds of fresh pepper.

I found a dressing I like that compliments this salad nicely:  Briannas Homestyle Blush Wine Vinaigrette

You can get this pretty much anywhere.  

Now--you can eat this without a dressing, or with one.  I would suggest a light, citrus type dressing with a bit of sweet--but not much.  

This has temporarily replaced my favorite cold weather salad of apples, dried cranberries,  bleu cheese, walnuts, bacon, and a maple/orange dressing.  But just for now.  

So!  What are you afraid to cook?  Why?  Wanna join me on my No Fear Cooking Project?  You can.  Unless you're not afraid to cook anything.  Then that's just no fun.


  1. Croissants make me a little nervous.

    1. Anything that is French and requires flour scares me!

  2. The salad sounds wonderful. I am making one with Lettuce, mango, bacon and walnuts for Boxing Day.
    Cooking doesnt scare me and I have an easy apple cake recipe that uses a springform tin if you get desperate

    1. I think part of what scares me about trying something difficult is the waste that may happen if I completely blow the recipe. I haven't figured out yet what I have a knack for: baking or main dishes. I'd love to try to make my own pasta just once.

  3. I WILL make a treacle tart. Never had one, but I've wanted to try it ever since I was a child and it was mentioned in Alice in Wonderland. The golden syrup is already in my cupboard, waiting to be transformed...

    1. I expect to be invited over for this, you know. I cannot imagine eating treacle tart with anyone else :)


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