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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bring on the Alcohol, People!

Oh, the season is upon us.  

I have a few words to say.

Let's be kind to all those people who serve us at the restaurants, make that espresso drink "just so" for you, smile when you scowl cause your feet hurt.

Let's be mindful of those people who work in retail--most of us know what we're doing.  Many of us have years and years of experience and knowledge.  Trust us when we make a suggestion.  Don't pick our minds, then turn around and say "I'll get it somewhere else."  Not cool.  Don't get angry at us when you don't know what to get that special someone, and everything we suggest is not right.  You know that person, we don't.  We're flying blind and taking cues from what you've told us.  All those questions we're asking?  They're helping us narrow the field of possibilities.  They are not designed to annoy you, but to help us find the right gift for you so you leave happy.

  I had a woman say to me yesterday "It must be nice to make a little extra money at this time of year."

To which I replied:

"This is my full time job.  It pays my mortgage."   This is my career.  I've worked hard at it, and just cause I'm behind a register doesn't mean I'm doing this for kicks.  I have a college degree. I've traveled. I'm not a youngster.  I know stuff--not everything, but I know a lot about the place I work and what we sell.  

Everyone wants to get that perfect gift for their loved ones.  But really:  arguing, being sour and angry just put a bad cloud on that gift.  It sticks to it.  Don't do that.  If it's meant to be, it will happen.  You will find that perfect gift--or it will find you.  But it will run far away if you go looking for it with a less than sunny attitude.  

We are all human.  A smile goes a long way.  A thank you goes a long way.  A have a great day goes a long way.  

Oh--and when a salesperson is in a conversation with another customer, please don't interrupt.  It's bad form.  We will help you as soon as we've taken care of this customer.  Everyone deserves all of our undivided attention when we're helping them.  Please be patient.  Your interruption says to both the salesperson and the customer "I am more important than you.  Please focus on me."  Nope.  Not gonna do that.  Please wait your turn.

Ok.  I have expressed my feelings.  I will now pour a lovely glass of red wine, take a hot bath, and relax.  At home.  In the quiet.  With a good book.  

Happy shopping everyone!


  1. Every time I tell some one to have a good day they seem surprised. And happy. They have to say it, but it makes me think that not too many people say it back.
    Have a nice relaxing evening!
    Retail is not easy any time of year. I haven't worked it during the Christmas season and I can't really imagine.

  2. If only there was a way to remember when Christmas was happening! Then I wouldn't need to panic and buy everything at the last minute.............*sigh* (This response was brought to you be Sarcastic Media, Ltd)


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