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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One Month Later...

Well.  I continue to take a much needed break from the blog world.  I am still reading blogs, but every time I think of writing a post, I realize I don't have anything to say.  So...

I am doing okay.  I am working on meditating (Deepak Chopra's 21 day Meditation Challenge), trying to get back into my weekly routine, and contemplating the upcoming year.  I find I'm tired a lot, and since the holidays are rapidly (!) approaching, hoping I get it all done before they hit.  

Still grieving, still having moments of laughing when I think about Patti, and moments where it's too painful and I cry.  Hard to believe my sister is gone.  Still thinking I'll get a phone call to have Chinese together; plan food for the family Christmas, and still thinking she's not far away. Someone asked about my family (someone who didn't know me) and Bud said "There are 7 brothers and sisters" and it shook me to hear that out loud.  I'm used to saying "there are 8 of us." In my mind, there will always be 8 of us.  I am moving through my grief one day at a time; thinking about my beliefs--cobbled together as they are--this loss has confirmed for me deep down that I really do hold those beliefs to be true for me.  And that has given me a lot of comfort.  

Thinking of the coming year, I am contemplating running a half marathon again  in May.  I miss being able to run, and my recent pathetic attempt at the Turkey Trot a few weeks ago shows I have a long way to go to be ready for May.  But it's a worthy goal, and the health benefits far outweigh the temporary pain of gasping for air, side cramps, and tired feet.  

I will be back, folks.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I will be posting when I can, when I have something brilliant to say.  

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  1. Peace to you Sue... sounds like you are taking care of you and that exactly what you should be doing. Running will be there for you when you're ready to come back, and we will be here too! Hugs.


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