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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Good Things Tuesday Sept 18th

Tuesday.  Here we are again.  This morning it's actually chilly!  I forgot how that felt after the summer of melting heat.  How refreshing to have the shivers :P

Here's what I'm grateful for this Tuesday:

1.  Deer hunting season.  It makes Bud happy, it makes me happy cause I get to read more while he sits in a tree.  Plus I get to enjoy spicy deer sticks later this season.  

2.  Lasagna.  Nothing like taking this steaming, ooey gooey pan of goodness out of the oven and pairing it with garlic bread.  

3.  Plastic freezer containers.  Seriously.  I would not be able to bake and freeze so many things without them.  

4.  Earl Grey Tea.  My favorite.  And I found this recipe for Earl Grey Shortbread cookies!

5.  Going to the gym and getting a serious sweat going.  Feel that fat melt away!  

6.  Salted Caramel Mocha at my bookstore cafe.  A treat I have once a week (with skim milk!)


  1. I have never tried salted carmel mocha, but every time I read about it (which is often, lately) I drool a little. I think I need one. :)


  2. Salted caramel mocha? Starbucks has it too, but I've never tried it, can't get used to the idea of sweet and salt together. I don't know about deer hunting,I don't think the deer are too happy.

    1. Alex! You are so funny. My bookstore is a Barnes & Noble; our cafes serve Starbucks drinks so it's the same one you see at Starbucks. I love the salt!

      The deer hunting in my city is necessary to keep the deer population down and keep people from running into them with their cars. Lots of car accidents/motorcycle accidents happen this time of year with the deer running across roads and highways. Hunting helps keep the circle of life in balance!

  3. Is there a better way to celebrate melting fat than sipping a salted caramel mocha? I think not!


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