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Friday, August 31, 2012

Vacation Has Begun!

My vacation has started with a visit to the Doctor's office about a sore throat.  Luckily, nothing major, just a very sore throat & swollen glands.  10 days of drugs to kick it out of my system.  Two days so far of feeling like crap, wanting to cry every 10 seconds, lay down, be quiet, and having strange thoughts about the show "Honey Boo Boo".  What can I say?  When I get sick, my mind takes a leap into crazy town.  Did you know more people watched episodes of Honey Boo Boo than the whole RNC?  

Bud tells me I probably can't drink with my meds--but I checked and it doesn't say anything about not drinking alcohol.  If I pass out after one beer, then we'll know I should lay off.  My taste buds are a little off, so drinking beer may not be an issue if it tastes like crap-ola.

Which will suck, cause my family is gathering for a very large cookout/potluck tomorrow.  We haven't all been together since our family Christmas in January, so it's time to let loose.  Tons of food, lots of kids running around, and lots of beer drinking and yapping of the jaws.  With such a large family it's hard for me to get together with all my brothers and sisters.  Now their kids are having kids, so it's even tougher to get together.  Someone is usually missing.  

So besides tomorrow's festival of fun, what do I have planned for my vacation?  

Reading.  Reading.  Reading.  

Spending a few days with one of my favorite people on the planet.  

Running.  Biking.  Reading.  

Making dinner for Bud.  We are in need of some together time pronto!  

Hope to stop down and see a friend finish a half marathon Sunday morning.  It's gonna be a warm one.  Glad I'm not doing it.  Next year, who knows?  Missed my races this year.  Let's hope there's no hot hot summer in 2013 so I can run without whining all summer long.  It's hard to run fast when you do that.  

And--I've made a decision on my workout.  I am going to try Kosama which is a group atmosphere, different workouts everyday, and lots of different painful things.  I will commit to two months, then if I don't like it, I will try something else.  Right now Crossfit scares the crap out of me.  I plan on signing up for Kosama next week, then getting started by Mid-September.  They have an orientation on Saturdays, so I have to fit that into work.  I'll keep everyone updated on it.  Kinda excited, but also missing the comfort of the Y.  But I'm a big girl, so I'll adjust.  

Oh--and just lovely.  All the plants I cut down after their summer of death have started to come back again.  This is bad.  I do not want them to think it's okay to grow again!  Fall is just around the corner; go back to sleep!!!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!  


  1. That Honey Boo Boo kid gets on my nerves like there's no tomorrow, she and her family are such a bunch of rednecks, I'd just like to know who had the great idea of giving them a tv show. Sounds like you have a pretty nice and relaxing vacation planned. Enjoy !

    1. It's painful to watch Honey Boo Boo. I don't think they realize people watch because they're horrified, not because it's a good show.

      I will relax this week! Thanks Alex :)

  2. Helloooo............. where did you go on fb? I hope this won't be permanent my friend, because I would miss you there!!!!


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