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Thursday, August 9, 2012

This May Be A Good Thing...

Wondered just when the YMCA was going to take this month's membership out of my account.  Checked my membership, and found it "inactive".  Oops.  It expired last month.  I had no idea.  I guess I thought they would keep taking money out of my account until I told them to stop.  

So I find myself suddenly without a gym for the first time in 8 years.  I don't know how I feel about this.  Granted, I have been very lax in going to the gym for the past few months, but it was a bit like a comfort blanket.  I always knew I could run to the Y and ride a bike, lift some weights, or run on the treadmill.  Or even get the class schedule and try a class or two.  

But it was always there.  I always kept up that membership.

The universe always works in funny ways, and a few things have popped up to remind me that sometimes change is a good thing, and sometimes we need change to take a leap forward.  I have been thinking of trying Crossfit.  It's a program that involves group workouts--but it's tailored to your fitness level.  It's different every time you go, and it kicks your ass.  My niece does Crossfit, and tells me it's addictive, but very hard.  I've seen her and she looks amazing!

 I have discovered that in order for me to feel like I have done any kind of workout, I need to feel like I want to throw up, pass out, and hurt all over.  Then I know I've given it my all, my muscles are rebuilding themselves, and my lungs are getting stronger.  I don't feel like I did a half-ass job working out.  

I also just read a great post from Amanda at Runninghood.  She's got such a great outlook on life, family, and running.  Another gentle nudge from the universe to "feel the fear and do it anyway."  I like change, but quite frankly it does scare the hell out of me sometimes.  And while changing my work out routine may seem rather unimportant to some, to me it's a big deal because it means the difference between finding a potential new passion, or staying the same and slowly succumbing to that self-loathing that is sure to follow.

I think Crossfit may do that for me.  I have heard so many positive things about Crossfit, and I'm so lucky to have one here in my city--and only a few miles from work and home.  

I have a decision to make:  rejoin the Y, try Crossfit for 6 months, or do neither and do my own thing at home with workout videos and run/bike outside until the weather keeps me from it. What should I do??!!

In the meantime, I will keep up that running log and enjoy the cooler weather  before the snow flies and the clock changes.


  1. Tough decision! Can you get a free trial on Crossfit so you can try it out before making a final decision?

  2. Trying something new might be fun. You can always go back to the Y

  3. Aww, you're the best! I think that you should give CrossFit a try. It will be tough, but it will be fun as well. I don't know exactly how competitive you are, but it helps to have others doing the same thing along with you. It definitely makes me push myself that much harder. Good luck in whatever you decide!


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