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Monday, August 20, 2012

My Week in a Nutshell

It feels like Fall is creeping into Iowa these past few weeks, and I haven't heard one person complain.  After such a hot hot hot summer (and continuing drought) we all welcome rainy days (still too few) and cool nights.  Miraculously, lawns are turning green again, and my two butterfly bushes have bloomed!  I actually mowed yesterday.  First time in probably 2 months.

But, there are casualties from this summer.  I am heading out now to hack away at my hostas.  Too fried to make a comeback before it's too cold.  It takes a lot to knock out a hosta, so I am treating them kindly, knowing they'll be back again next spring.  But I am really tired of looking at those wilty plants.  

I have such a list for the next two weeks for my house and yard.  It's time to get rid of the curtains in the living room and replace them with something new. Dishes are past their peak, and I've finally found something I like to replace them.  The old dishes have served me well for the past 10 years, but it's time for something fresh and new.  The old dishes will be boxed up and taken to Goodwill.  Along with the curtains.  And whatever I see around the house that I haven't thought about or cared about for at least a year.  I love that rule!  Makes detrashing much easier.  

The detrashing will extend to my basement and garage; quite frankly, I am frightened.  Frightened and dreading both areas.

There are spiders everywhere, and I can't walk two steps without wandering into a spider web.  I don't like to wear gloves cause I have a hard time finding a size for my wee hands, but I may be forced to use a pair to tackle these jobs.  I do not want to touch anything that may move or did move.  I shudder just to think about it.

Of course I have wasted the whole summer not doing anything on my list until this week, when I have a deadline--surprise visitors at the end of next week.  Not a surprise to me, but to many other people.  This means frantically cleaning, washing, and gutting the house.  Planning snacks and menus. Making  ice cream. Organizing the booze in the basement.  Important things.

But I can get a lot of shit done under pressure.  Now if only I could compress a marathon training schedule into 2 weeks, I would be pretty damn happy.  

Oh Fall, I can't wait to meet you again!  And folks, if you hear me cursing and freaking out--don't worry.  At the end of this 2 weeks of "fun" I will be relaxing and enjoying some down time.

Now off to gather my clippers!  

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  1. You sound like me, hanging out for the change of season. But I am craving warmth.
    And I am the same as you, make lsts and still leave things until last minute after usually finding more entertaining things to do than dust.
    As for the spiders, be brave, wear gloves and keep a big tin of bug spray near if you cant bear the idea of relocation.


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