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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Good Things About Tuesday Week 2

Had a conversation with my sister Michelle about gratitude.  She was told she's missing the great small things in her life, and to keep a journal and write every day about the happy things in her life.  Gee, flashbacks of Oprah!  But it's a great idea for everyone.  It's so easy to focus on the stress, the to-do list, the gotta do this and that list we have in our minds day in and day out.  So I'm going to make every Tuesday my Good Things Day.  One day a week is my starting point.  

Here's my Good Things list for this Tuesday:

1.  Buying new dishes today.  Ridiculously happy about this.  

2.  Seeing Bud tonight.  Belated birthday celebration for him.  So happy he's in my life I can't even form coherent words about it.

3.  Books.  They make me so happy.  All the time.

4.  Happy it's another sunny, beautiful day.  

5.  Glad to go for a run today.

6.  Thrilled I slept past 6 AM!  

7.  Happy dance for discovering the deliciousness of baked oatmeal.  I could eat it all day.  

8.  Mums are out.  Love their colors.  Want to buy every one of them.  

Once you start making a list of good things, it's easy to spot them all around you.  So easy, in fact, that your list could soon be a filled journal, or a full blog post.  ''

Join me on this journey!  As someone who can be a super unhappy/whiney/crabby/glass completely empty kind of person, looking at the small happy things in my life gives me a sun-shiney glow that will power me through my day.  And remind me that the best things usually come in small packages.  Except my Bud.  He's my biggest, best present of all time.


  1. thanks for the reminder to be grateful. I needed it today :)

  2. I adore lists like this and try to do them myself often.
    And it is amazing just how easy it is to count your blessings and joys when you start listing them down.


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