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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vacation Coming Up; Food Itch Has Begun

Maybe it's the unrelenting heat, but I think I have snapped in a small way.  I am tired of making the same old stuff for supper!  I know we all get that way, but I have taken it to the point of not wanting to make anything but "new" recipes.  This is a dangerous situation for Bud.  He's walking into my house every night, ready to eat a good supper and relax, and Bam! I tell him we're eating bean sprout encrusted goat cheese stuffed pork chops with a red wine reduction sauce, followed by purple potatoes sautéed in duck fat.  All he wants is a cow or a pig grilled outside and a cold beer.

Doesn't that pork chop thing sound disgusting?  I thought so.  

I have made a few new/old things this week:  cold avocado soup and savory zucchini pancakes with a sour cream dip.  I have left over grilled chicken and some peppers from last night, so I'm thinking of a weird mixture of those, pesto, and maybe potatoes for a salad for tomorrow's "at work supper".  I know Bud won't eat that, so it's all mine! We are for sure having guacamole on Tuesday.  I will have to restrain myself from pushing Bud away from the bowl and eating it all myself.  Tonight I am behaving and making grilled pork chops, grilled asparagus and hobo potatoes. I'm sure you've made hobo potatoes before--here's the recipe I have from my bro-in-law.  It's a throw together kind of thing:

Cut up potatoes into chunks and stick in the microwave and cook until nearly done.  I put them in a microwave proof bowl with a bit of water in the bottom.  I keep the skins on!  And any potatoes will do.

Drain the potatoes, then put in the middle of sheets of foil ( I double the foil for the grill).  Add chunks of butter or margarine--however much you like, but enough to keep the potatoes moist!  Add salt, pepper, and whatever dried herbs you like.  I usually use an Italian blend of herbs.  

Close up the foil packets and make sure they're sealed tightly.  Give them to your boyfriend/husband to put on the grill and watch until the potatoes have a slight brown crust on them.  Remove from foil packets, dump into a bowl, and enjoy!

  I'm thinking root beer floats may go very well as a dessert.  We may be too full for these.  Dang it.  We never get to the dessert part!

Still not running.  My leg is feeling much better, but has twinges that are keeping me from attempting to run.  I figure August 1st will be a good start off to get back into running.  I can tell you I feel gross not running.  Even if I didn't run more than 3 miles on most days, I still felt like I had worked my body a bit.  I must confess I am lazy and haven't gone to the gym at all.  The bike is still sitting in the garage, waiting to be wheeled out to hit a trail.  This is the first summer I haven't run in about 8 years, and I am feeling horrible about it.

I'm on vacation after Wednesday for a week.  Fingers crossed the weather is cooler so I can get that bike out, and I can paint the front steps and finish cutting down all of my dead flowers.  They are toast.  Mulch is down, and pea gravel is down in my corner garden.  It looks much better.  I have to remember to refresh the gravel every few years, not every 8 years.  Oops.  

Bud has suggested I dig up all of my iris plants along my garage to make way for a spectacular new yard display that I can't wait to have.  I will be asking all my friends if they want iris plants.  I don't want to toss them, but it is time for them to go.  

So it's nearly August.  Wow.  Beginning to think of doing NaNoWriMo this November.  Last year I bowed out quickly, so I must come back and write a novel this year!  No pressure.  Nope (she weeps as she types).

Are you looking forward to the Fall?  I know I am.  I'm already thinking about foodie gifts to give for Christmas.  I have to calm down.  This is ridiculous.


  1. I know how you feel about getting bored with the same ol recipes. I do too. Hard bit in my house is some days I just cant seem to please anybody.
    You are looking forward to Fall and I can't wait for Spring

  2. I have the kitchen doldrums too, but those purple potatoes are still giving me nightmares....No, I can seriously wait for fall, not only because I have to go back to work, but because I hate the cold, and this desert gets cold in winter. If I could I would move somewhere where it's always summer, like Hawaii...:) Have a good vacation, don't work too hard. :)

  3. Irises are so pretty.
    I make my hobo potatoes different. I slice the potatoes and don't precook them. That reminds me, I need to get some foil to make them one night.
    The heat is supposed to break at the end of the week. If you call 90 degrees a break. Cross your fingers!


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