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Monday, July 9, 2012

Now That It's Not Eleventy Billion Degrees Outside...

I actually shut my air conditioning off last night--for the first time in 2 weeks.  Now it's back on again, but it was wonderful having one night with open windows and fresh air.  Summers in Iowa are usually humid and warm, but this summer has been very hot and very humid even though we haven't had any rain for most of it.  So warm that people are becoming listless hermits in their homes.  At least I was like that.

I woke up this morning excited to try a run, since my leg felt good and I didn't have any discomfort yesterday at all.  My run lasted all of about 500 feet before the pain in my groin muscle kicked in and I ended up walking the rest of a mile.  Every time I tried to run I limped.  Shit.  Shit. Shit.  There, I said it.  And as for the old man at the park who told me to run faster, you can suck it.  

I am not going to cry about this.  I will instead ride my bike and do some other cardio burning exercises (hello Jillian Michaels) and patiently wait for my leg to heal.  It is taking a long time.  Longer than I expected.  This summer of running is pretty much a wash.  Patience, patience, patience.  

My yard looks like crap.  The only thing growing are weeds, so I am planning on pulling, spraying, and digging in the next few weeks to keep things at bay.  Now I'm glad I didn't plant a veggie garden.  It would surely be toast by now.  I have quite a few mini-projects listed in my brain (it would help if I actually wrote them down) that I can tackle soon--as long as the weather cooperates and the heat waves stay away.  

On the bright side, I had a great weekend with Bud.  We went to my sister's 25th wedding anniversary party in Illinois on Saturday and all five of us sisters were there.  Great food and I snarfed down a chocolate cupcake right away.  The only bad thing is that you had to drink your beer fast because it was so warm outside it didn't stay cold for long.  Eventually it did cool down enough that it was quite noticeable and so welcome!  

Me and my sisters (I am second from left)

Bud and I did manage to hit the Ikea in Schaumburg, Il.  This was the first Ikea Bud visited with me years ago, and I have to say it was not looking its best this visit.  Lots of renovations being done, but it was messy and the cafeteria wasn't kept up.  This is unusual for Ikea--I've always found the stores spotless and plenty of staff.  Not so this time.  I did buy a few things and Bud and I had a spot of lunch.  Sad to say, swedish meatballs just did not sound good.  I think this is the first time I haven't ordered them at Ikea for lunch!  Damn heat!

We took the scenic route home and Bud decided to scare the hell out of me by stopping on this bridge while crossing the Mississippi and telling me to open my door and look down into the river.  Need I say I didn't do that?  I've crossed the Mississippi so many times back and forth between Iowa and Illinois in my lifetime, but it never gets old.  It is one huge, brown, awe-inspiring river!  I told Bud he can bring a boat down so we can cruise the Mississippi any time.  
The bridge of fear over the Mississippi

Yes, that is a car in the middle of the bridge.

Finally home, I took a much needed nap, grilled steak for supper, and watched a movie with Bud.  A calm lovely weekend away from home with my honey.  My only bitch is that the hotel didn't have any fruit for me to put in my oatmeal on Sunday morning.  

So this week!  Woohoo!!  Bike riding, weed pulling, and book reading.  I can almost keep a handle on this kind of action packed week :0


  1. Better keep riding until that leg heals up. Don't you just hate it when stupid people make stupid comments like that old man? I'd like to tell them where to go. That Mississippi is one scary river!

  2. I never like crossing the Mississippi. Not sure why, but it just unnerves me.
    Glad you had a good trip.
    Isn't sad when 80's feel cool?

  3. Aww, so wish I could have made it to the party. I love the picture of all "my favorite" aunts...and crazy mother too!

  4. Aww, so wish I could have made it to the party. I love the picture of all "my favorite" aunts...and crazy mother too!


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