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Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Spoketh Too Sooneth

Yeah, that Mother Nature sure is having a fantastic time screwing with all of us in the Midwest!  A few days of decent temps, then BAM!  Back into the upper 90's for this week, with heat warnings out every day.  Thanks lady.  You know how hot it is?  It's so hot I don't even want to make brownies.  Even I have trouble grasping this revelation.  And my desire to hit a Dairy Queen is completely wiped out by the short but extremely hot walk to and from my truck to get to the DQ a mere 5 blocks from my house.  Even with air in my truck.  I'm sweating just thinking about it.  It is saving me some extra calories, though.  And the thought of ice cream does not sound so good.  Belly ache will happen.  I cringe seeing people walk out of the bookstore with all those cold milky frozen drinks.  Blech.  

I've been thinking today about cool soups.  Avocado, to be exact.  There are many variations on this soup, and I think this one sounds good--not too much dairy in it, and no mint!  I am not a mint fan.  This would be great with a baguette for a simple supper.  I will make it this week and eat it when Bud's not around.  He doesn't take to green goo in a bowl very well, even if it is awesome!

Little nuggets of bliss

What else to eat to stay a bit cool?  I've been devouring cantaloupe.  Have no idea why.  I didn't eat much of it for most of my life, but for some reason I got on a kick during my "cleanse" a few months ago and now I find myself eating cantaloupe every week.  I will be in cantaloupe despair come Fall when I can't have any for months.  And--strawberries and blueberries are another favorite combo.  Today I ate both the cantaloupe and the berry combo for lunch.  I am sure it counterbalanced the piece of taco pizza I ate along with it and completely took those calories to zero.  

So really, my summer has been all about eating fruit with my lunch and watering my slowly withering flowers.  I whacked a bunch of them down the other day--thanks again japanese beetles for eating them down to nubs.  Between the sun and the bugs, the poor ol' bees are flying around a bit confused, looking for pretty flowers.  None to be had in Iowa, my little bee friends.  I may be forced to mow this week, not because the yard is a mess, but because the grass is crunchy brown and the weeds are sticking up.  Looks a tad trashy.  So fingers crossed next week will be cooler!  I would like to bike ride and sit on the porch with a book in my hand.  For right now, I'll stay inside and drink copious amounts of iced tea.  I'll have a review of the avocado soup sometime this week.  


  1. I know what you mean about the heat. We had a few days of 110 F coupled with monsoon moisture from Mexico, oh what a joy. I've never tried cool soups, that Avocado one sounds pretty good. Cantaloupe is one of my favorite fruits, if you get a good one, it's so sweet it makes you want to eat the whole thing. Hope things cool down a bit in Iowa, are you guys also having a drought? This is one screwed up summer. :)

    1. Yes, Alex, we are about 8 inches below normal for rainfall this summer! The corn fields don't look so good. Very small chances for rain this week. Everything is baked. Even the leaves on the trees are looking stressed and yellowish.

      I could eat a whole cantaloupe in one sitting, but it would probably make me sick :)

  2. If I could send you some of my cold weather I would in exchange for a bit of warmth. I am like you though in the hot, just like to eat plenty of salads and fruit

    1. Mynx! I could take the heat if the humidity wasn't so darn bad. It's like being smothered in wet wool and you just cannot cool down. Lots of heat exhaustion here. I feel bad for the people who work outside all day. I am looking forward to Fall and cool weather.

  3. Too hot for brownies? Quelle horreur! I must admit, it was nice to return home to a lawn that didn't need to be mowed the moment we stepped out of the car.


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