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Friday, July 27, 2012

God, My Life Is So Damn Uneventful

I suppose this is a good thing.  My biggest decision today is whether to mow the yard before lunch, or do it after lunch.  Finish my book first, or put away the dishes.  I've already made the decision to not ride my bike today, since I did it yesterday with my nephew Cole and the fact that I haven't exercised in a month has shown itself this morning by sore legs and aching shoulders.  I have got to stop gripping my handlebars so hard! 

 And then Bud and I walked all around downtown CR last night, then walked around Czech village and the "Bo" area next to it.  We finally sat down at an outside bar and ate cheeseburgers before we went home.  RAGBRAI was in town, and we were looking forward to heading downtown and eating lots of vendor food on the bridge.  Instead, we walked blocks, got to the entrance, and found out it was $35 per person just to go into this area.  Counting Crows was giving a concert at 9 PM and that was included in the price.  Well shit!  We didn't want to see the concert and there was no cheaper option just to go in, walk around, eat, and check out all the bike vendors.  Cedar Rapids, that was really stupid planning on your part!  I am sure a lot of people didn't go because of that--forget taking the whole family--save the money and go on a vacation instead of wandering around on one of the bridges that cross the Cedar River downtown.  Say, go to Minnesota or Wisconsin and go boating instead.  Boo.

Finally one day break in the heat.  Feels wonderful outside.  If I listen closely I can hear the remaining flowers singing show tunes.  They are so darn happy.

Lunch today with C-Joy and nachos planned for supper.  Bud and I saw waaaay too many nacho plates last night and now we won't be happy until we eat them ourselves.  Tomorrow I will get on my  bike early and ride on one of the trails.  I have a tentative date again with my nephew Cole to bike ride again on Monday with him.  He will go with me if I tell him I will buy him ice cream and promise not to make him ride 10 miles.  That way I don't feel guilty eating a chocolate malt--after all, I can't deny my nephew a treat, right?  

So vacation day 2.  Still not sleeping in until noon.  That will never happen.  My goal of reading one book a day: ha!  I probably could do it if I did absolutely nothing else and became a hermit.  Thinking up a game plan to make the piles of books disappear.  Only problem is I have to read them first.  My goal of 125 books before midnight, Dec 31st is looking good and reachable.  Check out my other blog Bookalicious Babe for a book giveaway.  

All my blogging friends who are running mucho miles, well--you've got me thinking I should make that a goal next year.  See, this is what happens when I have too much time on my hands.  I start to make plans that later will make me question my sanity, gnash my teeth, and pull my hair out.  So far I have decided to run a lot next year, completely redo my house, and read 200 books.  Oh.  And write a novel.  And master chinese cooking.  And have super powers.  

Uneventful vacation continues!  Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Ok, I'm already tired reading all the stuff you want to do next year, you go girl...then tell me how it was ah ah. I think it was lousy to charge the $35 to enter, cheap skates. Yes, you should definitely mow the lawn before lunch, that way you can have a 'bigger' one to make up for all the calories burned.
    Enjoy your vacation :)

  2. "And have super powers." Hahaha! I laughed out loud at that one! I should make that a goal for next year too. I think they'd come in handy. :)


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