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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hello, June! Please Be Quiet

Well.  May was so chock full of things on my calendar, I am still feeling the twirl.  Add in denying myself chocolate, booze, and pasta for most of it, and you could say it was a challenge to my sanity.  My mood was, well, at times a bit punchy.

But then I went to New Mexico to visit my brother and sis-in-law, and I drank copious amounts of booze, ate lots of green chile sauce on eggs, and walked around in the blazing sun (no humidity!  Woohoo!!).  All in the company of my beloved Bud.  Spending 5 whole days and nights together is a rarity in this relationship, but I cherished every moment.  I think I'll keep him.  And we made a great impression on two shop ladies in Santa Fe, who oohed and ahhed over our wonderful love story--all cause Bud bought me a purse.  I think we gave them a good story for the rest of their work day.  Suckers for love!  But they didn't give Bud a discount on that purse.  

But now I'm back.  Grad parties are over, travel is done, and now I'm left to spend huge amounts of money on pictures and mulch.  And pebbles.  And a roof.  I tried closing my eyes, sticking  my fingers in my ears, and humming the theme to Spongebob, but it didn't work.  I still have to do these things.  Dammit.  I did experience a moment of giddiness buying a smelly summer candle and an Off! Patio and Deck lamp.  Now, just to find a summer plastic table cloth for outside.  Stupid Walmart only had rectangular sizes.  Yes, I went there.  

So June, my friend.  Lots of reading, of course.  I'm up to 64 books read this year, which is pretty good considering the weeks here and there where I've struggled to get through one book and stay awake.  If anyone knows of a stay awake pill that doesn't give you jitters, but makes you feel refreshed on only 2 hours of sleep, let me know.  I promise I will order boxes of it.  Sanding and resealing the front porch.  Painting the front steps.  Tossing down all that mulch. Finding sad looking perennials on clearance and planting them for next year.  Trying not to kill my hanging flower baskets on the front porch. I'm amazed they've lasted this long.  

Running.  Yep. I have less than 1 month to prepare for an 8k on July 4th.  I can tell already it's gonna hurt.  Hurt bad.  I'm torn between running 3 times a week--a long run, speed work, and a shorter run--or just running all the time, whenever I can, hyperventilating over the race, and freaking out.  The later is my usual mode of operation.  We shall see.

What's up for your June?  I intend to do lots of grilling, drinking cold white wine, and lighting up my citronella candles.  Oh--and clean out my fridge, cause Bud says "It's just disgusting."  Whatever.

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  1. I hate cleaning the fridge! Then again, I can say that about any housework that needs to be done. When will the first BBQ be scheduled?


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