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Monday, May 7, 2012

A Moment of Absolute Positivity: Now I Must Lie Down

It just hit me, just for a brief moment:  bliss and excitement.  Holy shit, that doesn't happen often.  May is gathering steam, and I'm trying to hang on to the train as it flies through the month.  But just sitting here, thinking about this week, and making plans, I had some thoughts so exciting I almost jumped out of my skin!  And I can't blame it on coffee since I haven't had any for over a week.

What the heck am I so excited about?  Sounds stupid, I know, but I'm excited about many things.  My darling niece went to her senior prom this weekend, and I was happy to help her get her hair done.  She looked adorable and very excited.  It made me happy.  It is true, ladies, that sometimes having our hair done is the penultimate in feeling good.  And helping a lovely young lady feel good about herself is even better.

I am finally going to buy flowers this week!  After the shock of walking out in my yard yesterday, and seeing the weeds all over my garden, I am busy making a plan on what to do and when.  Friday is my day off, and it's going to be garden day.  Buying dirt, potting soil, herbs, flowers.  More pea gravel for my side garden.  I can't wait to get everything planted--although this does mean I will not be able to walk or cook at all on Friday.  I will be in pain.  I accept this.  The flowers are worth it.  

And I'm getting out there and running.  The problem with not running for months is that when I do begin again, my body has completely forgotten that six months ago I could run 13.1 miles.  I am not an athlete.  This body was not made to effortlessly run, kick, hit or catch balls without looking completely awkward and geeky.  I wish I was a natural athlete.  I'm a natural eater of all things doughy.  That's my talent. But  am persevering and slowly, very slowly, seeing a bit of progress.  I'm still fairly certain my next 5K will be an exercise in pain, but I don't care.  It will be fun!

And after tomorrow, I will get to expand my food choices.  This makes me giddy.  I made a mediterranean barley salad last night for supper, and it tasted pretty good. (Bud completely ignored it).   But really, I want some pasta.  And I am willing to eat the whole wheat stuff (which I've tried many times, and don't like) again just so I can have some pasta.  I'm going to make some pizza dough that is a bit healthier than the usual and have some grilled pizza!  Can't wait for that!  As I said in my post yesterday, I have slipped a time or two, but overall, I'm surprised at my willpower.  Even reading a kid's novel about a house made from chocolate cake didn't phase me.  

And vacation is coming in a few short weeks.  I will have a moment or two of panic when I realize this in another week as I try to frantically figure out what I'm going to wear.  And take some time to play with my camera.  Bud showed me a fabulous panoramic picture function on it that will be perfect for our trip.

And what excites me most is my trip with Bud.  We haven't been on vacation together for years.  Actually getting on a plane and flying away.  It's only for a long weekend but I'll take it.  And seeing my brother and sister-in-law makes me smile.  We are geeks.  We talk about books, eat good food, and drink.  It will be good for Bud to relax and enjoy being away from it all.  And I am always happy visiting two of my most favorite people on this planet.

And once we get back, I have two days to make food and get decorations for my niece's graduation party.  I'm helping her pull it all together.  Did I mention I have to work those two days?  It's going to be a whiz bang week.

Off to mow.  I sat and read a book yesterday, in between laundry and dishes.  Pictures will be forthcoming of my GREAT GARDEN EXTRAVAGANZA.  But for now, here's some pictures of flowers blooming in spite of my neglect:


  1. I would be happy to do all the running for you, if you'll do all the gardening for me :)

    1. You got it Bobbi! Although without any running I will have to do lunges in the garden :)

  2. I can't wait to get the rest of my garden in too.
    I kinda miss pasta. Even more than bread, which I hadn't thought possible. But, one of these days I am going to try some quinoa pasta. I have heard good things. I am hopeful because I love my pasta salad.

    1. I am pretty sure Bud would never eat quinoa pasta. He enjoys pasta, but is conscious of eating it too frequently. It's such an easy quick meal it's hard to get away from it!


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