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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy To Go, Happy To Be Back

We always love to go on vacation, don't we?  I do.  As long as it's organized, I feel like I have the proper clothing packed, and I have at least 4-6 books with me.  Here's a short photo montage of what I did over Memorial Day Weekend:
Hot chocolate & truffle from Kakawa Chocolate House in Santa Fe

Fantastic Basil-Grapefruit Martini made by my big Bro!

Echo Canyon, NM
Beautiful Hideaway 

My sweetie Bud

Random Artistic Shot

Santa Fe Ski Area

What can I say?  A lovely visit with my brother and sister-in-law, great food, good booze, and 5 days of all Bud, all the time.  Escaping everyday life just for a few days is pretty much the cure for stress and the blahs any day.  I have now eaten my fill of green chile covered food for the year and am ready to jump into Summer right here at home.  

Making my to-do list right now...


  1. Sounds just wonderful and I love the blue and white crockery your chocolate came on.
    I think I might have been tempted to sneak it into my bag (not that I would have)

  2. Looks and sounds like a great relaxing get-away.


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